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  • baccus_kaloethes
    Aug 18, 2008
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      Greetings Unto the List.

      Purgatorio is fast approaching and we will be having our first
      official meeting of the The Gild of Our Lady and Saint Titus the
      Bastard – The Worshipful Company of Brewers and Brewsters of the
      Kingdom of the West.

      The meeting will be held Saturday afternoon, at 3 PM in the
      Guildhall. Look for the Green and Gold round sunshade by the
      incoming road.

      I will be on site at gate opening to secure good space for the
      Guildhall. We are planning for a large group, so please bring
      something to sit on.

      Here is a preliminary agenda for the meeting.

      As there will be alcoholic libations sampled, if there is any doubt
      as to your age, please bring valid picture ID. Feel free to bring
      anything you'd like to share.

      - Meet and greet and introduction of the guild hierarchy
      - Viewing of the charter
      - Review of the guild proposal and start the list of `loaner'
      - Discuss and agree upon a guild device

      - One suggestion: Per Chevron engrailled Vert and Or, two
      pairs of Barley Sheaves Saltirewise and a Demi-sun,

      Note: The Guild of Our Lady and St. Thomas the Martyr in England has:

      Gules on a Chevron engrailed Argent between three pairs of Barley
      Sheaves saltirewise Or three Kilderkins Sable hooped Gold

      - Discuss and agree upon tasting competitions and judgings to
      be sponsored by the guild
      - Upcoming Inter-Kingdom Brewers Guild, IKBG, and Modern
      - If enough people are present, create committees to develop:
      - Beer judge certification program, BJCP, training
      - Brewery, winery and meadery tours
      - Educational track courses for guild brewing and vintning
      - Future Plans
      - Who is going to be brewing what and for when
      - Tentative agendas for the remainder of 2008 and 2009 meetings
      - Classes to be taught at collegium and future meetings

      I will be starting an all-mash 20 gallon batch of an Ale at 2 PM at
      the Guildhall. This ale will be provided to the Crown for the
      October Crown event.

      Hope to see you all there,