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23Westermark "Plague Madness" brewing competition details...

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  • Joel Schonbrunn
    Jul 7, 2008
      Here are some additional details for the brewing contest this weekend (July 12th) at the Ed Levin Park in Milpitas.  It is being held at basically the same area as the recent A&S tourney.  The brewing contest will be held at the large picnic area (lots of shade & tables...)
      Please contact me directly if you have any questions!
      -Joel the brewer:
      The official info is here:
      Event is free, parking is not.
      Brew-o-crat: Joel the Brewer (email: Joel@...)
      Brewing Competition at Westermark "Plague Madness"
      The event will be split into two tiers:
      Tier 1: Judging by brewers
      Tier 2: Judging by the Populus
      The categories will be:
      "Leeches & Medicinals" (in honor of the Plague theme)
      Beers & Ales
      Tier 1: Rules and policies
      The goal of this tier is to provide constructive feedback to the Brewers.
      The scoring will be based on the InterKingdom Brewers Guild sheets
      Please bring your own printed forms
      The scoring will be slightly adjusted from the IKBG format, with an example available at the contest area.
      Bring entrees to the contest to the Spring Valley Group Picnic area by noon on Saturday, July 12th.  Limited cooler space will be available.
      Please bring (2) 12oz bottles, or (1) 750 ml bottle.
      There is a limit of 3 entrees per individual/group/team    
      Note: if we do not receive at least 3 entrees for any category, there will be no formal winner in that category, although critique will still be given.
      Suggestion: If you are entering something that is not covered by the International BJCP style categories, we strongly encourage you to supply as much detail as you can about the style/category as possible.  The judging system is style based, and if your style is not categorized properly, it will suffer greatly.
      Tier 2: Thunderdome.  Two go in, one goes out.  Last entree standing wins all.  Shenaningans allowed.
      The goal of this tier is to provide an introduction to brewing styles and entertainment to the populus.  It provides an opportunity to sample many varieties of the Brewing arts.

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