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15Re: [our_lady_saint_titus] Great Western War InterKingdom Brewing Competition

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  • housevarick@comcast.net
    Jun 26, 2008
      This is fantastic! Thanks for the notice Baccus!

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      From: "baccus_kaloethes" <baccus_kaloethes@...>
      > This came in from the Right Noble Brewers Guild of Caid.
      > Baccus
      > Greetings to my brewing brethren in the Kingdom of the
      > West. I am happy to see that the fine brewing arts are
      > finally being recognized in the Kingdom.
      > My name is Reinhardt Medebruer. I would like to
      > formally invite you all to participate in the Great
      > Western War Brewing Contest.
      > I had the privledge of tasting some of the works of
      > the brewers in your Kingdom. Some of them did well
      > enough to almost place in the prizes. I invite you
      > once again to try to out do our finest brewers.
      > I am attaching the GWW brewcontest information below.
      > Could you be so kind as to forward this on to your
      > kingdom newsletter so that we can have as much
      > participation as possible.
      > Inter-Kingdom Brewing Contest at Great Western War
      > October 11th, 2008
      > The Right Noble Brewers Guild will be hosting our 4th
      > Annual Inter-Kingdom Brewing Contest at Great Western
      > War. The Contest will take place Saturday October 11th
      > 2008. Contest entries will be accepted between 8 a.m
      > to 10 a.m. in the Arts and Sciences area. Results and
      > bottle return will be (hopefully) during the Taste of
      > Caid from the hours of 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. No more than
      > 9 entries (no more than 3 per category) per contestant
      > will be accepted. There will be a charge of $3.00 per
      > entry CASH ONLY no checks will be accepted. For more
      > information contact brewcontest@....
      > Site: This event will take place during the Great
      > Western War which is held in:
      > Buena Vista Aquatic Recreational Area
      > 13601 Ironbark Road
      > Bakersfield, CA, 93312
      > Event Stuard: For a full copy of the brewing contest
      > rules please visit
      > http://brewers.sca-caid.org/gwwbc/GWWBC4.htm or
      > contact Reinhardt Medebruer (Scott Horner) 716 W.
      > Berkeley Ct. Ontario, Ca. 91762 (909)467-3575
      > brewingcontest@...
      > The brewing gauntlet has been thrown. Do you dare to
      > accept?
      > Yis
      > Reinhardt Medebruer
      > GWW Brewing Contest Autocrat
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