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12RE: [our_lady_saint_titus] June Crown

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  • Baccus Kaloethes
    Jun 26, 2008

      You are too kind. Cider and Cizer. Shouldn't be a problem, as our newest Master Brewer happens to make a damn fine one of each ;-). I'll also make sure I have some of your namesake on hand. I plan on entering Kara at the Pennsic InterKingdom Brewers Competition. It's a truly period receipe done in a period style, and it tastes quite yummy especially on a hot, humid, Pennsic-like day.


      If his Tallness has any special requests, I'm pretty sure we can accomodate that as well.



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      Subject: RE: [our_lady_saint_titus] June Crown
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      Well, I am partial to Cider and Cizer, and that one beer you made... oh, what was it called?  Oh yeah! - Kara!  That was a yummy beer!  I will ask His Tallness, um His Highness about his preferences.
      You guys are awesome, by the way!
      Kara, Crown Princess West


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      Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 16:12:28 +0000
      Subject: [our_lady_saint_ titus] June Crown


      June Crown was a great success. Duke Sir Uther and his Lady Countess
      Kara, are heirs to the Oaken Thrones, and the Gild of Our Lady and
      St. Titus the Bastard, and the Worshipful Company of Brewers and
      Brewsters of the Kingdom of the West, was officially chartered.

      We offered to the populace, 15 gallons of homebrew (5 gallons of a
      California Ale, 5 of an American Ale and 5 of an Irish Red Ale), and
      it seemed to be well received. I brought home about 1/2 gallon of
      the red, a gallon of the American and 2 of the Californian.

      Those who will be venturing North to do battle against our Cousins,
      will be able to slack their thirsts on 15 gallons of beer and 10
      gallons of mead that the Guild will supply the Crown. As mentioned
      in our purpose and charter, we will be providing libations for all
      Crown events, and as the West is the Host Kingdom, that means West /
      An-tir War as well.

      Future activites include the all grain brew of beer at Purgatorio
      and the IKBG brewing competitions at Pennsic and Great Western War.

      I'll be checking in with Their Royal Highness' to see what kind(s)
      of libations they would like for their Coronation, and post that to
      the group as soon as I know.

      How many would be interested in a 'Group Brew' in the very near
      future? Please drop a line here to let us know. I think sometime mid-
      July would be good.

      Happy Brewing,


      The other season of giving begins 6/24/08. Check out the i’m Talkathon. Check it out!

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