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Hakorat Hatov + Other announcements- OU Job Board

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  • Michael
    Hakorat Hatov + Other announcements- OU Job Board Last week I posted a need for a kidney. The person had been waiting close to 2 years with no resolution in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2007
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      Hakorat Hatov + Other announcements- OU Job Board

      Last week I posted a need for a kidney. The person had been waiting
      close to 2 years with no resolution in sight. In a matter of 24 hours
      after the post, I am happy to report that B"H 4 people who matched the
      donor came through and volunteered. How great of a Mitzvah is this?
      May H"B grant these people much Bracha and Hatzlocha and may the
      recipient have a much needed Refuah Shaleymah. Only in Klal Yisroel!

      I am pleased to announce that we are planning a new Virtual Job Fair
      (I"H Feb 12th). If you are in the New York, New Jersey area,
      registration for this Job Fair (III) will begin shortly. To get a head
      of the curve, May I suggest you post your resume NOW, so that you will
      be of the first to be notified about the Job Fair. In order to
      register for the Job Fair, you must post your resume on the OU Job
      Board. So do not delay, please post your resume now. It is FREE.

      Also, The OU Job Board is once again making use of the best that high
      tech has to offer. We will be running a first-ever Virtual Interactive
      Workshop/Seminar ON-LINE in March I"H (app. 3/3). This workshop will
      instruct you how to take an interview and will be co-hosted by various
      Social Service and Employment, Chesed agencies around the US and
      Canada. An acting coach will show you a before and after interview
      clip, using a live audience member, on how to take an interview. This
      will happen as an expert interview HR person will explain the do's and
      do not's of taking an interview and how to prepare for one. You will
      be able to view this live from the comfort of your computer at home or
      in your office. No special equipment or cameras are needed. Just a
      high speed connection and your set. E mail interactive questioning
      from the audience on- line and the live attending audience (in NY-
      first come basis only) will be broadcast live over the net during a
      q/a period after the presentation. This new innovative way of taking a
      workshop will allow you to participate without traveling to a location
      outside your home and office. We will broadcast NATIONWIDE and in
      CANADA. Participating Social Services will be in New York, New Jersey,
      Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore and more.
      Registration will start shortly. It's free.

      If you have a job or know of someone who is looking to hire a person,
      please send me this posting or post it directly on the OU Job Board.
      It takes less then a minute and can dramatically change someone's life
      forever. If you know of any summer jobs, if you know camps stores
      business that are looking to hire our young people during the summer,
      please tell them to contact me or please tell me the contact so I can
      contact them.

      If you're looking for a job and have a resume please post your resume
      on the OU Job Board and look at the 1500 + active ready to be filled
      jobs posted there. A job will NOT come to you, act now and change your
      life forever. Sometimes the best things in life ARE free!

      For more information contact me at
      Srulie Rosner
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