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OU Job Board / ParnossahWorks. What are you waiting for?

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    OU Job Board / ParnossahWorks. What are you waiting for? Who we are: A unique job placement service created by the Orthodox Union for the Jewish
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      OU Job Board / ParnossahWorks. What are you waiting for?

      Who we are:
      A unique job placement service created by the Orthodox Union for the
      Jewish community-at-large that brings potential employers and
      applicants together, and hones the skills of those seeking employment
      and employers seeking to fill their open jobs .

      * Now possibly the largest Jewish Job Board in North America.
      * Since its March inception, the Job Board has posted close to 6,000
      jobs and has resulted in an estimated 500 + job placements through the
      applicants direct contact with the employers. An active list of over
      1000 companies, organizations and non-profits receive weekly mailing
      * From the outset, a partnership with FEGS (Federation Employment and
      Guidance Service) called ParnossahWorks, made a high level of
      professional expertise available to job seekers. Over the past 3 years
      700+ people have been gainfully employed using OU-ParnossahWorks
      system. Additionally hundreds of other jobs requiring this placement
      service system are listed for those in the Greater New York area
      * In addition to FEGS, the OU Job Board has partnered with the JVS/JFS
      (Jewish Vocational/Family Services) in: Baltimore; Bergen
      County/Passaic, NJ; Boston; Chicago; Detroit; Los Angeles; Metro West,
      NJ; and Toronto, as well as the New York Council of Jewish
      Organizations and the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty. All of
      these organizations have provided job placement services and/or workshops.
      * The OU Job Board is a pioneer in Virtual Job Fairs, in which
      employer's interview pre-screened applicants by video conference. Two
      recent Job Fairs saw 83 people placed in new jobs, over 1200 resumes
      processed, and more than 100 resume re-writes provided.
      * The Manhattan and Brooklyn Boro Presidents, the head of the NY
      Veterans Affairs, the head recruiter of the Department of Labor and
      many others have visited the Job Fairs and complimented them on their
      efficiency and high level of success.
      * Internal estimates rate the level of success of the Job Board in
      getting people jobs directly off the boards at 8-10%. Some 150 active
      employers regularly use the OU Job Board to find their new employees.
      * Communities in Austin, TX, Harrisburg, PA, Dayton, OH, Scranton, PA
      and Bangor, ME have asked for listings in their cities to be
      integrated into their web sites, in order to help build and expand
      their communities appeal to those looking to move.
      * Connections with Sephardic communities and outreach organizations
      are expanding.
      * In the first month of a parallel Israel OU Job Board, some 200
      Israeli companies posted over 500 jobs geared to English speaking
      immigrants who live in, or are planning to move to, Israel.
      * The OU Job Board has become a mini clearing house for yeshivot and
      Day Schools countrywide, posting a wide range of educational and
      administrative jobs for them.
      * The OU Job Board now posts updates regularly to over 200,000
      people worldwide informing them about new job prospects in their areas
      * The OU Job Board initiates a new "first" by introducing the
      Virtual Workshop Seminar where people from across the country can
      participate in on-line interactive live video workshops from the
      convenience of their computers, allowing e mail questions and answer
      sessions to be addressed by qualified professionals live and "in-person"

      EMAIL: jobs@...
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