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Again Chapter 9

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  • krisitna elchibekov
    Ok this is tottaly not Otown related but i have to say this.... Joey and Pacey belong together!!!!!!!!! LOL. Yes i am a majoy Pacey fan lol and Dawson s Creek
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      Ok this is tottaly not Otown related but i have to say this.... Joey and Pacey belong together!!!!!!!!! LOL. Yes i am a majoy Pacey fan lol and Dawson's Creek fan well actually mainly a Pacey fan cuz he's the only reason why i watch it. ANd now im pissed cuz suposedly Joey is gonna marry Dawson in the last episode or somethign and it's not suppose to happen! I hate Dawson! He has a forhead a size of Texas lol ( a little over exagirating lol). If Joey ends up with Dawson i am seriously gonna cry ............. Ok now that's that out of the way lol you can read the next chapter lol. Sorry for my burst of anger i just had to let it out lol. THis chapter is really really short and unbelievebly boring but then again i wasn't expecting to post so fast lol, i got so much feedback sayign to post faster that i had to post faster lol, i will probably post another chapter tomorrow. Nothing is going on in this chapter though. Sorry.
      Chapter 9


      Door bell

      � I�ll get it� Erin said getting off the couch. � Hey you guys� She said closing the door and hugging Jacob and Janie.

      � Hey Erin where is everybody?� Jacob asked.

      � In the kitchen�

      � And Ashley?�

      � His room� Erin said.

      � Is he still depressed about the whole thing?� Janie asked.

      � Well he�s better if that helps the question. He just feel like an asshole about the whole thing, which I�m not gonna disagree� Erin said walking with them to the kitchen. Erik, Dan, and Trevor greeted them with cereal in their mouth.

      � So how are the newly weds?� asked Dan.

      � Pretty good� Janie answered. Jacob wrapped his arms around her, as Ashley walked in with his hair messed up.

      � What happened? Did you run out of Gel?� Erik joked. Ashley gave him a meaningless smile.

      � Hey Janie� He said leaning over and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

      � Hey Ash. How are you?� She asked concerened.

      � You mean how much more depressed and pathetic I�ve gotten?� He asked grabbing a bowl, for cereal.

      � I didn�t mean it like that� Janie said.

      � Sure you did. Look guys I appreciate with the concern and everything, but I�m fine. It�s not like somebody died, we just broke up. I don�t want you guys to think that I am on the verge taking an overdose or something� He stated putting some cereal in his mouth.

      � Excuse me people, nature calls me� Trevor stated walking out of the kitchen.

      � Did you try calling her?� Erik asked him.

      � No. Look there�s no point, she�s not gonna forgive me. Nobody would.� Ashley said.

      � That�s not true� Dan said.

      � Uhh I think it is.� Erin stated. Dan looked at her surprised. � You think that if you go get drunk at some party and sleep with let�s say� Cindy, you expect me to forgive you?� Erin asked raising an eyebrow.

      � Well not completely forgive me, but at least want to work it out� Dan said.

      � Yeah, Dream on Dan� Erin stated.

      � Erin is right Dan� Ashley said looking down. � She hates me right now� At that point Trevor walked in the kitchen singing.

      � She fucking hates me. Just she fucking hates me. LaLaLa-�

      � Trevor shut up!� Erik said.

      � Sorry. Just trying to lighten up the mood� Trevor said offended.

      � I still think you should talk to her Ash, I mean you guys can�t keep ignoring each other.� Dan said.

      � I don�t know�. I don't want to talk about this� Ashley said leaving the kitchen to his room.

      Kristen came out of her room and grabbed a bag of chips from the kitchen. Nicole who was sittign on the couch looked at her, since it was the first time that she saw her roomates face in a while.

      " Hey" Niccole said with a sympathetic face. " You ok Kris?"

      " Yeah, i'm great! I mean why woudln't i be? " Kristen said positivly as her facial expressions started changing. " It's not everyday that a girl's boyfriend cheats on her...again" Kristen said.

      " Kris I'm really sorry" Nicole said.

      " Don't be. I'm fed up with people being sorry for me, for being beign sorry for myself. I'll move on, it's no big deal" Kristen assured Nicole as well as herself. She then sighed and went back to her room.

      ****************************** ****************************

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