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    Send an email to: events_updates-subscribe@yahoogroups.com for forthcoming events of conferences, workshops & lectures Aga Khan University Department of
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      Send an email to:
      for forthcoming events of conferences, workshops & lectures

      Aga Khan University
      Department of Community Health Sciences
      A Training Course
      Dr. S M Israr
      Course Director
      May 2 - 18, 2007 
       Deadline to receive applications – March 15, 2007
      For further information visit
      For Registration Contact Ext: 4839/4802

      Aga Khan University
      Department of Community Health Sciences
      A Training Course
      Dr. Masood Kadir
      Course Director
      May 21 - 26, 2007 
       Deadline to receive applications – April 20, 2007
      For further information visit
      For Registration Contact Ext: 4839/4802

      Aga Khan University
      Department of Community Health Sciences
      Mental Health Research and Development Forum
      is proud to announce a short course on
      “Mental Health Promotion and Research”
      (May 28th to 30th 2007)
      Sub Themes:
      1.     Epidemiology of Mental Health
      2.     Environment and Mental Health
      3.     Common Mental and Behavioral Disorders
      4.     Role of Pharmacotherapy & Psychotherapy in Mental Health
      5.     Research in Mental Health
      6.     Ethics in Mental Health
      Deadline to receive the applications: April 30th 2007
      For Registration Contact: 486-4839/486-4802

      Aga Khan University
      Division of Nursing Services and School of Nursing
      International Nurses Day 2007
       Positive Practice Environments:
      Quality Workplaces Enhance Quality Patient Care
      Saturday, May 12, 2007
       Scientific and Program Committee of International Nurses Day 2007 is pleased to invite abstracts on the following sub-themes
      Sub Themes:
      • Organization Climate & Work Performance
      • Nurses Work Life Issues 
      • Nurses Job Satisfaction &  Staffing
      • Occupational Health & Safety For Nurses
      Submission Guidelines:
      • Abstract should not be more than 200 words, typed on a double space, font size 12, and Times New Roman font.
      • Abstract should be a research/non-research paper and relevant to the theme.
      • Title should be in caps, double-spaced with name(s) of author(s) and their institution.
      • In the case of 2 or more authors, please highlight the name of the presenting person.
      • Brief Profile of the presenter should accompany each abstract
      • Please send soft as well as hard copy of the abstract(s) at the below mentioned addresses.
      • Abstracts must be post marked not later than March 30, 2007. Late submissions will not be entertained
      All abstracts should be submitted to:
      Nasreen Sulaiman Lalani                                      Rubina Barolia
      Co Chairs, Scientific and Program Committee, IND           Co Chairs, Scientific and Program Committee, IND  
      CNS, Paeds and Surgery                                                               Assistant Professor
      Nursing Services                                                                              School of Nursing
      Aga Khan University                                                                       Aga Khan University
      Tele: 4930051     Ext. 5482                                                              Tele: 4930051    Ext. 3287
      Email: nasreen.sulaiman@...                                           rubina.barolia@...
      Please note that the Scientific and Programme Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the abstracts.
      Notification of selected abstracts will be sent to you by April 16, 2007.

      Aga Khan University
      Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) Conference
      Improving Quality in
       Postgraduate Medical Education
      May 25 - 26, 2007
      Call for Abstracts
      The Organising Committee invites Postgraduate trainees to participate in the PGME Conference 2006 on Improving Quality in Postgraduate Medical Education by submitting abstract(s) for Free Paper and/or Poster Presentations. 
      Topics beyond the theme are also acceptable for submission. 
      Abstract Guidelines:
      Abstract should be under the subheadings of title, objectives, methodology, results and conclusion with word limit of 250 words. Please mention the author names.
      How to submit abstracts?
      You may submit your abstract(s) through any one of the following available options:
      1. Submit via email – Just attach your abstract(s) with an email to pgme@... and send it to us by writing “ABSTRACT PGME CONFERENCE” in the subject area of email.
      2. Submit directly to PGME Office- Copy your abstract on a USB or a CDROM and submit to PGME Office, Aga Khan University , Karachi , Pakistan . Tel: +92 21 486 4583. Please review the guidelines for submission of an abstract (in attached form) before sending it to us.
      Deadline for submission of Abstracts
      The last date for submission of abstract(s) is April 13, 2007 (Friday). You may also submit more than one abstract. The accepted abstracts will be published in the abstract book.
      For any further assistance, please contact Conference Secretariat, Aga Khan University, Stadium Road, Karachi, Pakistan on Tel: +92 21 486 4578 / +92 21 486 4584  Fax: +92 21 493 4294  Email: conf.sect@...

      Aga Khan University
      Department for Educational Development (DED)
      Faculty of Health Sciences
      is pleased to announce the
      Advanced Level Course on
      “Leadership and Program Evaluation”
      July 16 - 27, 2007
      The Advanced Level Course on Leadership and Program Evaluation (ALC-PEL) aims to enhance the participants’ knowledge and skills in planning and conducting program evaluation, developing a plan for improvement or change and identifying leadership initiatives for implementing and sustaining educational change.
       Dr Alan Schwartz, PhD (University of California, Berkeley) is the Visiting Faculty for the course and will be conducting the Leadership Block  Dr Schwartz is Associate Professor University of Illinois at Chicago, DME, Course Director for Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Health Professions Education, Clinical Decision Making, and Introductory Quantitative Data Analysis. He serves on the Editorial Board of the journal Medical Decision Making and on the Boards of the Society for Medical Decision Making and Society for Judgment and Decision Making.
      Dr Schwartz research interests include the psychology of decision making in both patients and physicians, and describing the way physicians evaluate and integrate research evidence in clinical practice 
      Please note
      §         The course is open to participants involved in teaching health care professionals (ALL medical colleges, schools of nursing or colleges for allied health professions).
      §         Institutional and departmental chairs are encouraged to send nominations of interested faculty.
      §         The seats are limited in number. In addition, applicants/departmental nominees must meet required selection criteria.
      §         Funding from the Deans’ fund for course fee (other than books) will be available ONLY for top 10 participants from AKU on the basis of the selection criteria for graduates approved by the Board of Graduate Studies.
      §         Introductory Short Course is a pre-requisite for any Advanced Level Course
      §         Registrations must be submitted on-line through www.aku.edu/hped/lead
      Deadline for receipt of applications: Wednesday May 02, 2007 by 5:00 pm.
       Introductory Short Course (ISC)
      in Health Professions Education (HPE)
      July 9 - 13, 2007  
      The one-week ISC - HPE is a full-time intensive face-to-face on-site course at AKU, which introduces participants to the main components in HPE.  These components including Curriculum Development, Teaching and Learning, Problem-Based Learning and Assessment are picked up as strands and dealt with in detail in each of the Advanced Level Courses (ALC).  ISC-HPE is mandatory for all new incoming Medical College Faculties irrespective of their participation in the ALC. Faculty who have already atten ded the ISC are not required to attend it again.
      For further details on both the courses please visit our website www.aku.edu/hped/lead or contact: Dr Misbah Mannan, Senior Assistant Manager, DED, Aga Khan University ; Phone: (009221)4862426, misbah.mannan@...   

      Aga Khan University
      Department of Community Health Sciences
      Announces a training course on
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