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3rd Paediatric Otology& Audiology - Multi Disciplinary Seminars (POAMS-2013)

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    From: Janjua I am organising a two days *3rd Paediatric Otology and Audiology - Multidisciplinary Seminars (POAMS-2013*), at Birmingham
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2013
    From: Janjua <jan71med@...>
    I am organising a two days 3rd Paediatric Otology and Audiology - Multidisciplinary Seminars (POAMS-2013), at Birmingham Heartlands (Teaching) Hospital, on Tuesday 5 - Wednesday 6 November, 2013.
    Could you please kindly disseminate this course information locally and via your institutional contact lists, including trainees.   I would be most grateful and obliged.  This course is aimed at:ENT Surgeons Audiologists and Audio-vestibular Physicians Educational Audiologists Paediatricians and Community Paediatricians General Practitioners and GPwSI Nurse Specialists Speech Pathologists Teachers of the Deaf Other Hearing Sciences related Professionals    Many thanks and much appreciated,   Kind regards,
    Mr. A. Janjua, MSc, MPH, FRCS, FRCS (ORL-HNS)
    Consultant ENT Surgeon
    Lead - Paediatric Otology
    Lead - Clinical Governance
    - Heartlands University Teaching Hospital, Birmingham, (Sec: Miss Carol Connerley: 0121-424-3350)
    - Heartlands Hearing & Balance Centre, Birmingham, (Sec: Miss Denise Martin: 0121-424-1847)
    - Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield, (Sec: Miss Gillian Lavender: 0121-424-9728)
    - Clinical Governance, (Sec: Miss Vikki Marsden: 0121-424-0350)
    Director, POAMS
    - Paediatric Otology and Audiology Multidisciplinary Seminars (Sec: Miss Laura Payne: 0121-424-2351)

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