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Online Research Course: August 26 to September 25, 2012

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    “Online Research Course”  in collaboration with The “Online Research Course” is a purpose build training program. It will help them to not only to
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      “Online Research Course”

      in collaboration with

      The “Online Research Course” is a purpose build training program. It will help them to not only to learn the basic concepts of Research but also participants have to make a real Research Proposal during this course under direct supervision of facilitators. This is one of the first outcome based basic research course in which participants will be directly supervised throughout the course not only for the understanding but also during the practical work in writing of their research proposal. Every participant is free to choose topic of their choice for their research (whether cross sectional study or Randomized Control Trial) and they will be helped to make it final so that the final research paper will be ready to be published in middle to high ranked journals.


      What our participants are saying about this course:

      • Excellent course. Brilliant effort. I wish I had this opportunity when I was in medical school, but better late than never. Research Officer,  Aga Khan University Hospital, Pakistan
      • Effective and efficient use of technology is the success of this online course. Assistant Medical Affair Manager, MNC (Pharma)
      • The idea was brilliantly conceived  and delivered. We really appreciate the efforts of facilitators. Thanks for teaching so much in such less time.  Clinical Research Officer, Pakistan
      • Excellent. Had great fun. Consultant Surgeon, United Kingdom
      • It was good and innovative. Resident, Saudi Arabia
      • Overall, I'd say it was excellent. just sometimes I felt overwhelmed by the technicality of it since I was a total layman in this field. but I really appreciate facilitator's patience and enthusiasm in addressing our every need, no matter how stupid or naive, :). Intern, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Pakistan
      • What can I say? that was so fruitful 4 me...Excellent learing environment with skilled professional facilitators & Tutor offcourse! Research Officer, Pakistan
      For registration:

      Complete the form and made payment by any method described below.


      After sending payment email at info@... 

      Dates: 26 August - 25 September, 2012
      Duration: One month
      Webinar timings: 1 hour (Tuesday): 6pm to 7pm  [PST / GMT: +5]
      Online Course Website Access: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the course

      Last date for registration: August 20, 2012 at 5:00pm (GMT: +5) 


      • In all the topics mentioned, generic teaching done with the help of Webinars

      o During webinars all the participants can also interact with the presenter and their questions will be answered
      o Each webinar is recorded and made available to participants within hours for review

      • All participants will be provided a user id and password of specially designed online 
      course with latest learning technology of Web 2.0. This includes

      o Forums: (for asynchronously collaboration with facilitator and other students)
      o Chat: for synchronously communication with facilitator (in special allotted time) and with fellow students
      o Exercises with real time feedback: MCQs for better understanding
      o Interactive white board: For collaboration and brainstorming with live audio too
      o Assignments: For completion of Research Protocol in timely and supervised manner

      • Resources available for download for reference
      • Hand out of the full course
      • Template Research Protocol for guidance
      • Original Research Protocol for reference

      For more information: www.themedicalwriters.com/obrc.html 


      For Pakistan

      Rs. 5,000 / participant
      Corporate:Rs. 10,000 / participant
      Outside Pakistan (students/postgraduates):$100 / participant
      Corporate (International)$200 / participant
      10% Disocunt on Group of 5 or more
      Who should attend?

      • Undergraduate Students (medical, dental)
      • House Officers
      • Pharmacists
      • Nursing staff and students
      • Those who want to attend it as a refresher course
      Those who would like to but still have not started their first research project

      For more information

      The Medical Writers
      Room 522, Panorama Centre, Building 2,
      Saddar, Karachi


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