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Laryngectomee Rehabilitation

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  • Noor Ali (cementplant)
    02.01.2008 Dear All, Following is the text of article from www.webwhispers.org Jan 2008 Issue Would like to have your feedback New Year Reflections and
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      Dear All,
      Following is the text of article from www.webwhispers.org Jan 2008 Issue
      Would like to have your feedback

      New Year Reflections and Resolutions

      As the New Year begins, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the authors who have contributed to VoicePoints since I have served in the capacity of coordinator and editor. Without your wiliness to share your knowledge and expertise, VoicePoints would not be able to contribute to the rehabilitative welfare of the laryngectomee population.

      We all begin the New Year with a sense of reflection over the past and we ponder how to make life just a little better. Being Speech Pathologists, making life a little better does not only include making life better for ourselves and our loved ones but also for our professional lives and for our patients. As editor of this column, I am certainly searching for additional ways to make VoicePoints a little better. The two biggest challenges in serving in this position are to produce new and interesting topics and to find individuals who are willing to serve as contributors. Let's face it, new topics in laryngectomee rehabilitation are not the easiest to discover.

      Esophageal speech rehabilitation remains essentially unchanged. Other than technology, the basic principles of electrolaryngeal speech rehabilitation also have remained the same. Tracheoesophageal voice rehabilitation provides us with annual and ongoing changes in both technology and knowledge, but a balanced and varied number of topics are necessary for a successful column. Tracheostoma health management, new surgical and non surgical treatment for laryngeal cancer also provides us with different topic areas which we have tried to address and will continue to address in the future. However, we need more, more topics, more ideas, and more contributors. In other words, we need our readers to become more actively involved. Previously, I made a call for case studies from our readers. I received not a single case history and that is the reason that there is no "educational" article in this month's column. This was supposed to be the month for case studies.

      I truly believe that for VoicePoints to remain a viable column, reader contribution is absolutely necessary. Therefore, since my previous call went unanswered, I must change my tactics and more importantly my requests. I will continue to ask anyone who has a case history, even if it is just in idea form, to please contact me and together we can develop it. In addition to case histories, Voice Points needs your ideas for topics and contributors. Ideas can come from anywhere, therefore, if you have a clinical question, whether it is patient specific or a general question regarding any aspect of laryngectomee rehabilitation, email the question to me. Not only will you get your question answered, but more than likely you will not be the only person with this question and this information can be shared at a later date with VoicePoints readers. How can you refuse that? We will also begin a comment/question article, therefore, if you have any questions or comments about any of
      the articles that you read in Voice Points, please email your thoughts to me and they will be shared with the author and/or readers as appropriate. Your contributions, whether a question, idea, etc. may remain anonymous, should you desire.

      So, as you begin the New Year and reflect over the past and plan for a brighter future, remember you can help improve the area of laryngectomee rehabilitation not only for your own patients but for all of the patients of Voice Points by contributing, even if it is by just asking a question. This year, make a resolution to improve the life of a laryngectomee.

      Contact me at my new email address: LisaMProper@.... I look forward to hearing from all of you. Happy New Year.

      Noor Ali G. Haider (Laryngectomee)
      Mobile 00 92 333 218 5787
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