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602World Congress Angiofibroma

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  • Hemant Ahluwalia
    Mar 7, 2014
      AGRA ,  INDIA   2015
      Under the auspices of  : Angiofibroma Group - South East Asia

      Desiderio Passali                         Hemant Ahluwalia
      Italy                                              India
      PRESIDENT                                  SECRETARY- GENERAL

      Firstever World Congress of E.N.T. in India
      Participation From More than 48 Countries of World
      150+ International Faculty from the Globe
      Guest Country - Egypt
      Dedicated to Padma Bhushan Dr. L.H. Hiranandani,
      the Legend who Always dreamt of World Congress in India

      Mr. S. P. Ahluwalia  Memorial  Scholarships  - 50 Scholarships

      India - 05   Pakistan - 03   Sri Lanka - 02   Bangladesh - 02   Nepal- 02   Other SAARC Countries - 03
      Asia & Far East - 05   Africa & Middle East - 05  Egypt (Guest Country) - 04   Europe - 05
      South America - 05   North America - 05   Oceania - 02   West Balkan Countries - 02

      The Scholarships are One time and will cover the Registration Fee for the Congress.Only Registered Delegates will be entitled to apply for Scholarships.The aim is to Promote Research, Academics & enhance Surgical Skills.Dates & Scholarships will be announced in due course of time.
      The Criterias for the Scholarship will Include -
      1. Research bent of mind.
      2. Academic Position held.
      3. Credientials to date.
      4. Age & Country
      The decision of the Angiofibroma Board is Final.

      INVITATION  - Researchers & Scientists
      Researchers & Scientists of these branches & allied Sciences are Invited to Incorporate in Angiofibroma Research. We are about to complete the inclusion of these Researchers from various countries of world.Research Focus is on holistic approah to amalgamate Basic & Clinical Research with Advance Technologies on the Guidelines framed in World Congress Angiofibroma by Global Participation.

      Molecular Biology, Histology, Immuno-Technology, Cellular Pathology, Radiodiagnosis, HistoPathology, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Electron Microscopy, Experimental Oncology, Biochemistry, Intervention Radiology, Biotechnology, Haematology, Cell Sciences, Stem Cell Research, Nanotechnology, Anaesthesia, Radiotherapy, NeuroSciences etc. 

      You can Visit Angiofibroma Group-South East Asia on FACEBOOK to know the details about the Group.
      You can Contact us for becoming a Faculty OR Participating in the Congress in any capacity.

      Different Sub-Specialities of Indian E.N.T. will be Involved in World Congress Angiofibroma being the First of its very kind,by naming Coordinators for these Sub Specialities & Felicitating them at the Congress for Promoting & making these Sub-Specialities of Indian E.N.T. to grow to the Present Stature.
      Rhinology, FESS, Skull base Surgery, PhonoSurgery, Head Neck Surgery, Oncology,  Neuro-Otology, Speech Sciences & Pathology, Audiology, Otology, Vestibular Pathology, Paediatric ORL, Facial Plastic, Implantation Otology, Lasers, Coblation, RadioFrequency, PeizoSurgery, Angiofibroma & Nasopharynx, Broncho-Oesophagology,  Sleep Apnea & Sleep Sciences, Rhinoplasty & Otoplasty, Basic Research, Clinical Research, Advance ENT Research, ENT Teaching etc.

      Best Regards,  

      Dr. Hemant Ahluwalia
      Secretary - General, World Congress Angiofibroma
      IFOS Rhinology Board Member 2009-2013 & 2013-2017
      International Advisory Board Member (India), IFOS World ENT Congress, Korea
      Secretary - General, Angiofibroma Group - South East Asia

      Conference Secretariat -
      140, Defence Estate -1, Gwalior Road, AGRA - 282001, INDIA