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    Sep 2, 2013
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      New issue
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      CoverpageTable of Contents - Indian Journal of Otology (Indian J Otol) 2013 | July-September | Volume 19 | Issue 3
      Update on the sudden hearing loss [pg. 95] Federica Bullo, Spyridon Tzamtzis, Giancarlo Tirelli[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      Effect of frequency on ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potential [pg. 100] Teja Deepak Dessai, Jayashree S Bhat, Kaushlendra Kumar[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      Fine structure DPOAEs in normal hearing consanguineous parents of congenitally hearing impaired siblings (probable carriers) [pg. 104] Megha Sasidharan, Rashmi Bhat[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      Short term and long term subjective taste disorder after middle ear cleft surgery [pg. 111] Ayaz Rehman, Sajad Hamid, Mushtaq Sangoo, Masood Kirmani, Asif Wani, Lateef A Chisti[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      Efficacy of mometasone nasal spray in the treatment of otitis media with effusion in the pediatric age group: A preliminary study [pg. 114] Shalini Sandeep Menon, Abdul Rahman, Ramaswamy Balakrishnan, Dipak Ranjan Nayak, Kailesh Pujary[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      Clinical features and bacteriology of advanced pediatric otogenic lateral sinus thrombosis [pg. 118] Somanath B Megalamani, Dudda Ravi, Deepak Balasubramanian[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      Mobile phones: Its effect on hearing [pg. 122] Mahesh Chandra Hegde, Vijendra S Shenoy, Panduranga M Kamath, Raghavendra A Rao, Vishnu Prasad, Bindu Sara Varghese[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      Comparative study of attenuation measurement of hearing protection devices by real ear attenuation at threshold method [pg. 127] Noorain Alam, Vikas Sinha, Rajiv Jalvi, Arpitha Suryanarayan, Deepanshu Gurnani, Dilavar A Barot[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      Topical nasal steroids for hearing loss associated with otitis media with effusion in children [pg. 132] Zafarullah Beigh, Manzoor Ahmad Lattoo, Aamir Yousuf, Rafiq Ahmad Pampori[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      The study of auditory effects after concomitant radiotherapy and chemotherapy in patients with head and neck cancer [pg. 136] Harish Chander Goel, Poonam Laad, Archan Naik[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      Frequency and etiology of chondrodermatitis nodularis chronica helicis [pg. 140] Yasemin Yuyucu Karabulut, Engin Senel, Yasemin Dölek[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      3D CT appearance of exophytic mastoid fibro-osseous lesion [pg. 143] Krishnan Nagarajan, Sethupakkam Balasundaram Jothiramalingam[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      Congenital cholesteatoma with canal atresia: Three case reports [pg. 146] Barjinder Singh Sohal, Priyanka Aggarwal, Jagdish Prasad Goyal, Amit Gupta[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      An unusual foreign body in ear [pg. 149] Mukta Pagrani, Chander Mohan[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      Verrucous carcinoma in external auditory canal: Presentation of an extremely rare case [pg. 152] Md Zillur Rahman, Bithi Bhowmik, Aliya Shahnaz, Robiul Islam[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]
      Occupational noise induced hearing loss: Is planning appropriate type of shift work for the workers the most practical potential preventive measure? [pg. 155] Jayesh D Solanki, Hemant B Mehta, Chinmay J Shah, Pradyna A Gokhale[ABSTRACT]   [HTML FULL TEXT]   [PDF]   [Mobile HTML Full text ]   [EPub]