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    http://www.islam21stcenturysuperpower.com/page5/page5.html Islamic companies are beginning to make their presence felt in the global community. For the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2007

      Islamic companies are beginning to make their presence felt in the global
      community. For the purposes of this article an Islamic company is one that
      is majority owned and operated by Muslims with a commitment to serving God
      in the daily administration of the company. Where Western multinational
      corporations used to create the rules and own the rights to big ideas and
      creative vision, the following companies serve as examples of how the
      Islamic world is demonstrating leadership in creating the 21st century
      Multicultural Corporations.

      <http://www.emaar.com/> logo_emaar_tcm3-65

      EMAAR PROPERTIES is a Dubai-based global real estate developer currently
      engaged in developing over 300 commercial and residential projects in
      Africa, Asia, and Arabia. EMAAR is, for all intents and purposes, a new
      model of real estate developer. It is somewhat of a combination of Gerald
      Hines, Trammel Crowe, and Schlumberger. In the history of massive project
      developments, there have been but a few organizations that were capable of
      building projects on the scale that EMAAR is engaged in. EMAAR, along with
      other Dubai-based developers like DAMAC and Nakheel, are literally building
      entire new cities. The scale of these projects can be compared to the
      building of major dams such as the Aswan in Egypt and the Boulder in
      America. The difference is that the projects EMAAR is engaged in have a much
      bigger and broader vision. EMAAR and others are literally building the
      Islamic societies and cities of the 21st century.

      An example of the bold vision and massive scale of an EMAAR project is the
      Burj Dubai Downtown development. This project includes, as its signature and
      center point, the $20 billion dollar tallest tower in the world - Burg
      Dubai. The height of this tower is not confirmed at this time but it will be
      at least 160 floors. That is 59 floors higher than the current tallest
      building in Taipei, Taiwan at 101 stories. The objective is to literally
      build a new downtown Dubai complete with all the amenities of a major city
      in one central location. It will include the largest mall in the world,
      Dubai Mall. Residential properties, parks, additional office space, and a
      man-made lake will complement the Burj Dubai tower.

      Emaar is not only building a new Dubai, it is also building more than 100
      major projects in Arabia, Africa and India. Among these projects are
      shopping malls, office towers, residential properties and entire cities. In
      addition to these real estate-based projects, EMAAR is also investing in the
      intellectual capital of these same regions via a new education business.
      They partner in creating international schools that will offer an integrated
      curriculum for students. Put simply, EMAAR has developed into a global
      leader in real estate development that is focused on building 21st century
      cities in Muslim communities around the world.

      EMAAR recently demonstrated their global interest in real estate development
      outside of the Islamic world by purchasing Orange County, California-based
      John Laing Homes.16 This acquisition represents their first American-based
      business deal and positions EMAAR in a non-Muslim, Western market for the
      first time.

      <http://www.emirates.com/index.asp> eklogo

      EMIRATES AIRLINES is the official international airline of the UAE and a
      part of the Emirates Group headquartered in Dubai. Emirates was founded in
      1985 with two leased airplanes and an initial investment by the ruler of
      Dubai of $10 million dollars. Emirates currently flies to more than 80
      destinations (57 countries) around the world (Europe, the Middle East, the
      Far East, Africa, Asia, Australasia, and North America) and is one of the
      fastest growing airlines in the world. While all Western based carriers have
      been losing money, laying off staff, consolidating and even seeking
      bankruptcy protection, Emirates has done nothing but continue to grow and
      remain profitable. They achieved a record net profit of Dhs 2.6 billion (US$
      708 million) for fiscal 2004-2005 which made them the third most profitable
      airline in the world in 2004. The Emirates fleet now consists of over 50
      planes and is the definition of the new Multicultural Corporation both in
      the markets that it services and the cultural makeup of its staff.

      Emirates has developed into a world class airline at one of the most
      challenging times in the history of the industry and with only two flights a
      day to the USA, New York City. The old argument that airlines had to have an
      international route system that included the United States does not apply to
      Emirates. They have instead developed routes into new destinations where
      other Western carriers have not been interested in going, primarily
      destinations with a majority Muslim population in Africa, Asia, and Arabia.

      Emirates is also unique among airlines in that it was founded on the
      competitive model of 'open skies', which not even the USA, or most European
      nations have had the courage to try. This model resists the standard airline
      practice of protecting national carriers like Air France, British Air, and
      Lufthansa from local and global competition by either giving them government
      subsidies or restricting the ability of foreign carriers to service local
      cities. Emirates and Dubai airport have never had or required any of these
      protective and anti-competitive practices. The success of the company has,
      from the very beginning, been dependent solely upon its ability to compete
      and provide a level of service that is superior to its competition.17

      "The objective behind establishing Emirates was not only to have our own
      airline but to use it as part of an overall marketing plan to promote Dubai
      and tourism, and to create jobs. It was also decided that, unlike other
      airlines in the region which have a history of either losing money or being
      subsidized by the state, Emirates would have to stand on its own, to serve
      the region and be commercially viable."

      Emirates is a model for the emerging multicultural corporation of the 21st
      century in that the demographic makeup of its staff includes over "110
      nationalities, blending cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds
      successfully, in the pursuit of common goals."18 It is this multicultural
      nature of Emirates that will more than likely be the new model of global
      corporations going forward. The old model of hiring a few people from other
      countries and claiming to be multinational is not sufficient in today's
      world. Not only are multiple nationalities a part of the Emirates human
      capital but the cross-cultural understanding that these individuals bring to
      the workplace creates a global sense of community that is absent from the
      majority of western companies.

      It is this strategic investment in the infrastructure and technology of
      Dubai and the Arab region that is creating a renaissance of ideas that
      directly lead to new employment opportunities for the Muslim youth of the
      region. This strategic and peaceful investment is just the type of
      international effort that will ultimately defeat the radicalized extremist
      agenda of some members of the greater Muslim community. Dubai is providing a
      model of Islamic based economics that not only creates jobs and opportunity
      for the people of Islam but also gives them a renewed sense of pride and
      ownership in the vision and role that Islam can play in creating a more
      peaceful and inclusive community of mankind.

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