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RAW deploys hundreds of agents to watch Bangladesh defence

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  • Dak Bangla
    ===================================================================== Note From Moderator BangladesherDak: While it is a matter of great success that the
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      Note From Moderator BangladesherDak:
      While it is a matter of great success that the Bangladesh authorities have
      been able to nab a RAW operative, it would be to national interest to hunt
      out the thousand that actively collaborate "openly" with India to
      destabilise Bangladesh at any given opportunity.

      The New Nation, Dhaka
      1st December 2002

      Monitoring Army

      Staff Reporter

      Powerful Indian intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), is
      learnt to have deployed innumerable agents to keep close watch on Bangladesh
      defence and collect information about its operation.

      Informed sources said that it was revealed during interrogation of
      Akashuzzaman alias Abul who was arrested on Monday last in Sylhet.
      Son of Nuruzzaman of Guabari of Jointapur of Sylhet district, Abul confessed
      that he had been working for a long time like hundreds of others across the
      country to monitor the activities of the Bangladesh Armed Forces and
      regularly report to the RAW operatives. Even he used to go to India without
      passport routinely to reach the sensitive information personally.

      He reportedly said that his operator always insisted on graphic presentation
      of the deployment of Bangladesh Army, specially its establishments. His
      recent report was entitled "Cantonment Report" which he handed over to BSF
      camp across Sylhet border.

      Abul used various alibi to collect information or move around. Sometime he
      would present himself as an Army personnel or at other time he would wear
      BDR uniform or even he would move as a member of the Ansar to hoodwink

      He said that he would meet with the BSF and RAW officials whenever he was
      asked to meet and get the orders of the day. He said his reports were
      accurate specially about the army installations and personnel. He had
      prepared a map of these installations which he had already submitted to the
      RAW officials.

      He disclosed that he heard that RAW had deployed hundreds of agents across
      Bangladesh to watch the defence.

      Army is learnt to have raided his house in his village home and found
      important documents and pictures. Army also recovered his pictures in
      uniform of army, BDR and Ansar from a photo studio located near Sylhet

      Army handed over Abul to Police for further investigation.

      Incidentally Abul was arrested a couple of days before Indian Deputy Prime
      Minister L K Advani launched an unprecedented tirade against Bangladesh
      accusing this country of harbouring Al-Qaeda and Talibans. Even he asserted
      that the deputy of Osama bin Laden was now living in Bangladesh, which the
      government rejected summarily.

      Sources suspect that India launched the campaign deliberately and whipped it
      up internationally in order to gain confidence of big powers which looks at
      such propaganda with sympathy.

      Incidentally to back up with its campaign India also moved additional troops
      to Bangladesh order to beef up its already strong presence along the border.
      The recent increase in incidents of BSF firing on Bangladeshis, even
      attacking the outposts of the BDR, is seen as deliberate by the observers.

      When contacted an official of the Bangladesh government refused to comment.
      While admitting that India moved fresh forces along the border, he said that
      the government was watching with incredulity these developments on Indian


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