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The days of NT vulnerabilities are over...

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  • Brooks Isoldi
    how surprising NT security holes need to be fixed by eEye rather than microsoft itself...For Immediate Release May 25, 2000eEye Digital Security Releases
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2000
      how surprising NT security holes need to be fixed by eEye rather than
      microsoft itself...

      For Immediate Release
      May 25, 2000

      eEye Digital Security Releases World's First Security Software that
      Thinks Like a Hacker

      User-Friendly Retina Scans, Monitors, Alerts and Automatically Fixes
      Network Security Vulnerabilities

      (CORONA DEL MAR, CA) eEye Digital Security (www.eEye.com), a division
      of eCompany, announced today the release of Retina - an unparalleled
      network security product for Microsoft Windows NT platform. Retina is
      currently available for download at http://www.eEye.com

      Retina is the first security software application with
      state-of-the-art artificial intelligence features that allow it to
      think like a hacker (CHAM - Common Hacking Attack Methods). Thus,
      while all of the other security scanners on the market are primarily
      looking for known vulnerabilities, Retina looks for known and unknown
      vulnerabilities, giving users the most comprehensive network security
      analysis possible. Retina also includes an auto-update feature, which
      provides continuous update of its modules, allowing users to keep pace
      with the latest security vulnerabilities.

      eCompany's Chief Hacking Officer, Marc Maiffret, described Retina as a
      virtual 24 hours, seven days a week network security guard. "Retina
      is the first network security software system that thinks like a
      hacker and works like an around-the-clock human network security
      analyst," explained Maiffret. "Unlike other network vulnerability
      scanning tools on the market today, Retina has real-time security
      auditing and testing capabilities. The system also includes built-in
      artificial intelligence features designed to handle 'what if' and 'in
      case of' scenarios."

      Also setting it apart from other network security scanners is Retina's
      "Fix-It" technology, a feature that allows for the automatic
      correction of common system security issues, such as registry
      settings, file permissions and more. This feature allows system
      administrators to solve the more common security problems with a
      single click, enabling them to focus on more complex systems issues.

      Retina's vulnerability auditing modules are designed for the following
      systems and services: NetBIOS, HTTP, CGI and WinCGI, ISAPI and ASP,
      FTP, DNS, DoS vulnerabilities, POP, SMTP and LDAP, TCP/IP and UDP,
      Registry, Services, Users and Accounts, Password vulnerabilities,
      Publishing extensions, Database Servers, Firewalls, Routers and Proxy
      Servers. Because of Retina's open architecture, users can also develop
      their own vulnerability tests and auditing modules in the programming
      language of their choice.

      Retina features an easy-to-use, graphical user-interface to control
      all aspects of scanning and reporting. In addition, Retina features a
      wizard interface, which allows users to create custom audits. The
      product's Smart Reporting feature allows systems administrators to
      access, read and print security test results with ease.

      About eEye Digital Security

      eEye Digital Security is a division of eCompany, an eBusiness software
      developer and service provider. eEye specializes in developing
      sophisticated security software applications and providing network
      security consulting to the corporate Intranet and Extranet markets.
      The company was founded in 1998 and is currently staffed by some of
      world's leading systems engineers, software engineers and security
      consultants dedicated to uncovering network security vulnerabilities
      and educating the public about network protection. eEye is based at
      eCompany's corporate headquarters, 2865 East Coast Highway., Suite
      #306, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625, (888) 299-4678,


      Brooks Isoldi
      Intelligence Analyst - NightFall Security Group
      1 (877) 863-8300 ext.438 - voicemail/fax

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