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Birth certificate conflicts with father's real birthday?

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    Everything about the literal bastard is a lie. B WND DIGS DEEPER http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view Birth
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      Everything about the literal bastard is a lie.




      Birth certificate conflicts with father's real birthday?

      Newly released immigration documents indicate Obama Sr. was 2 years older


      Posted: April 30, 2011
      10:20 pm Eastern

      By Art Moore
      C 2011 WorldNetDaily

      Immigration document listing Barack Obama Sr.'s birthdate as June 18, 1934

      Overshadowed by reaction to the release of Barack Obama's long-form birth
      certificate was the unearthing of half-century-old files that cast doubt on
      whether the age of the president's father indicated on the Hawaii document
      is accurate.

      The applications, memos and other documents from the Immigration and
      Naturalization Service acquired in a Freedom of Information Act request by
      Heather Smathers of the Arizona Independent
      > - which indicate Barack Obama Sr. would have been 27 at the time of his
      son's birth, not 25 - also suggest that the president's father did not leave
      the islands from the time of his August 1959 arrival until he departed for
      graduate studies at Harvard in June 1962.

      Some have speculated that the president's parents ventured together to Kenya
      while his mother was pregnant, but the files present a picture of a
      financially strapped Barack Obama Sr. known for "playboy ways" who two
      months after his reported marriage to Ann Dunham was still "running around
      with several girls." His INS records, which show he had a class F-1 student
      visa that had to be renewed annually, do not preclude him having made a
      return trip to Kenya during his U.S. studies. But the only indication of
      travel outside the U.S. was when officials denied a request for a fifth visa
      extension and forced him to return to his home country in 1964, when Barack
      Obama Jr. was 2 years old.

      Among the released documents is a copy of a handwritten memo by an
      immigration official that refers to Barack Obama Jr.'s birth in Honolulu on
      Aug. 4, 1961.

      The age of Barack Obama Sr. listed on the Certificate of Live Birth released
      Wednesday by the president is 25, consistent with his commonly reported
      birthday of June 18, 1936.

      Several documents in the newly released immigration files, including
      applications filled in by hand and signed by Barack Obama Sr., also list a
      birthdate of June 18, 1936.

      However, about a dozen documents - including an alien registration card with
      fingerprints and an immigration arrival-departure card which presumably
      accompanied his passport - show a birthdate of July 18, 1934.

      Arrival-Departure card, with record of visa extensions, listing Barack Obama
      Sr.'s birthdate as June 18, 1934

      That date of birth would have made him 27 at the time Barack Obama Jr. was

      (Story continues below)


      In some instances, also, Barack Obama Sr.'s nationality is listed as
      British, instead of Kenyan.

      In an application to extend his visa that was approved July 28, 1960,
      officials notated: "presents valid British passport 84764 until 4/29/64.

      That passport number, 84764, was entered on a June 6, 1963, application to
      extend his stay that stated he held a Kenyan passport. But this can likely
      be explained by the fact that Kenya was a colony of the United Kingdom until

      Curiously, on an Aug. 17, 1962, application to extend his visa, Obama Sr.
      filled in a line asking him to list the names and addresses of children. The
      only child he listed was Roy Obama, a son from his Kenyan wife, Kezia. At
      that time, Barack Obama Jr. was 1 year old.

      On that application he also listed his mailing address as c/o the Koinoinia
      Foundation in Pikesville, Md. The organization, according to a website
      <http://www.geotrees.com/v_schools.html> , was a "spiritual community" with
      "strong Quaker influences" that sought to "take literacy, agriculture,
      health, and similar practical skills into the undeveloped world." After
      1970, it "shifted to New Age and wholistic activities."

      long-form.pdf> http://www.wnd.com/images/misc/042711obama.jpg
      Image released by the White House April 27, 2011

      An Immigration and Naturalization Service arrival-departure record filled in
      by hand when he left the United States for Kenya in 1964 indicated a 1934
      birthdate and British nationality.

      The June 18, 1934, birthdate also was handwritten on an application to
      extend his temporary stay that was submitted in Honolulu on Aug. 31, 1961,
      just weeks after Barack Obama Jr. was born.

      On the application, Obama's father also indicated he was married to Ann
      Dunham, and he asked for permission to get employment, explaining: "because
      unable to get more financial assistance."

      "Alien Registration Fingerprint Chart" listing Barack Obama Sr.'s birthdate
      as June 18, 1934

      On a previous application for permission to work, dated March 3, 1961, he
      indicated the reason was "economic necessity," stating, "This is because I
      did not come with enough for the entire period of my stay and thought would
      get some from scholarships and work."

      On Aug. 31, 1961, he was granted an exception to the rule that F-1
      non-immigrant students not be allowed employment and was permitted to accept
      up to 25 hours a week of work, expiring Aug. 8, 1962. On the application, he
      checked: "Because of economic necessity due to unforeseen change in
      financial circumstances." In the required explanation, he wrote by hand,
      "because unable to get more financial assistance." On the form, he listed
      his total income as $1,190 and his total yearly expenses as $2,040.

      Interestingly, one year before he filled out that application, he had
      indicated on an application submitted in Hawaii to extend his visa another
      year that he he had worked for $5 a day as a dishwasher at the "Inkblot
      coffee shop."

      Yet near the end of his time in the U.S., on April 21, 1964, he indicated on
      an INS form that he had not "been employed or engaged in business in the
      United States."

      'Child born in Honolulu'

      An INS official, William Woods, handwrote a memo dated Aug. 31, 1961, that
      referred to Barack Obama Jr. being born Aug. 4, 1961, in Hawaii.

      "They have one child born Honolulu on 8/4/1961 - Barack Obama II, child
      living with mother (she lives with her parents & subject resides at 1482
      Alencastre St.)," Woods wrote.

      Woods also noted Obama Sr.'s wife planned "to go to Washington State
      University next semester."

      As WND reported <http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=107889> , school records show
      Dunham did go to the state of Washington to continue her studies, but she
      attended the University of Washington in Seattle, not Washington State
      University in Pullman, Wash. A girlfriend from Ann Dunham's high school days
      in Mercer Island, Wash., near Seattle, has said she remembers Dunham
      visiting her, along with newborn Barack Obama Jr., in "late August" 1961.

      Dunham's departure from Hawaii shortly after Obama Jr.'s birth conflicts
      with the president's account of his life story. He told a gathering of
      schoolchildren in September 2009, for example, "My father left my family
      when I was 2 years old, and I was raised by a single mother."

      In the speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 that catapulted
      him to political stardom, Obama told the nation, "My parents shared not only
      an improbable love, they shared an abiding faith in the possibilities of
      this nation."

      'Get rid of him'

      The Obama Sr. files show immigration officials rejected his request for yet
      another visa extension in July 1964 and forced him to return to Kenya amid
      reports by Harvard officials of scandalous behavior.

      An INS investigator, M.F. McKeon, wrote in a June 8, 1964, memo that Harvard
      officials "weren't very impressed with him and asked us to hold up action on
      his application until they decided what action they could take in order to
      get rid of him."

      "They were apparently having difficulty with his financial arrangements and
      couldn't seem to figure out how many wives he had," the investigator said.

      A March 6, 1964, letter from an INS official to the American consul in
      London expresses concern about a Kenyan woman who came to the U.S. in 1962
      as a high school student and had been "associating with" Obama Sr.

      INS officials communicated similar concerns when Obama Sr. was at the
      University of Hawaii.

      Lyle H. Dahlin, in a typed memo with a handwritten notation dated April 12,
      1961, said that the University of Hawaii foreign student adviser reported
      April 10, 1961, that Obama had been "married on February 2, 1961 to Stanley
      Ann Dunham, a United States citizen from Seattle, Washington in Maui,

      "The problem," Dahlin wrote, "is that when he arrived in the U.S. the
      subject had a wife in Kenya."

      The memo stated Obama was "born on June 18, 1934 in Kisumu, Nyanza, Kenya,

      Dahlin said that according to the adviser, a Mrs. McCabe, Obama "has been
      running around with several girls since he first arrived here and last
      summer she cautioned him about his playboy ways."

      July 17, 1964, INS memo

      "Subject replied that he would 'try' to stay away from the girls," the memo

      Dahlin said Obama explained to McCabe that in Kenya all that was necessary
      to obtain a legal divorce was to declare to the wife that she was divorced.

      "Subject claims to have been divorced from his wife in Kenya in this
      method," the memo said.

      Dahlin noted that Obama could not be deported on a polygamy charge, because
      he's a non-immigrant. But he recommended that Obama be closely questioned
      before another extension was granted. He instructed that if his American
      citizen wife, Dunham, tried to petition for him, "make sure an investigation
      is conducted as to the bone-fide of the marriage."

      A Lyle H. Dahlin is listed as a petitioner in a 1977 INS court case
      as district director of the INS in Portland, Ore.

      An INS "Report of Investigation" shows Obama Sr. was to depart the U.S. July
      6, 1964, but a memo dated July 17, 1964, indicates he had overstayed his
      visa and was still in the country.

      The report stated: "A [redacted] has called twice and is quite upset because
      her daughter (27) is planning on marrying this alien."

      "Looks like he has over two wives now," the report said. "File shows that
      his departure time expired 7/8/64 and he is apparently still here. Please
      have investigation conducted as to his status."

      A Report of Investigation states Barack Obama Sr. finally departed the U.S.
      on July 22, 1964.

      Read more: <http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=293113#ixzz1L7ZM9oHn> Birth
      certificate conflicts with father's real birthday?

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