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RE: [grendelreport] Thousands seek to sink Navy plan to name a ship for Corrupt Democrat John Murtha

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  • Beowulf
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      Subject: RE: [grendelreport] Thousands seek to sink Navy plan to name a ship
      for Corrupt Democrat John Murtha

      Murtha the turncoat on our military?

      Murtha the Muslim lover?

      Murtha the Bush Basher over the war?

      Murtha the retreater?

      Murtha the non-team player, even though he voted to go to war in the first

      Enough money has been spent honoring this now deceased waste of a
      legislative seat.

      Visit the Murtha Airport, the airport to nowhere. Watch the video. The
      current uselessness of this facility, for whatever reason, is symbolic of
      Jack Murtha overall.

      <http://abcnews.go.com/Business/Politics/story?id=7412160&page=1> &page=1

      Jihad Jack Murtha and Ted Kennedy are somewhere, drinking away the day and
      reminiscing how they stuck it to America.

      I'd vote for two honorary urinals somewhere for these two. Then Americans
      can return the favor.

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      Subject: [grendelreport] Thousands seek to sink Navy plan to name a ship for
      Corrupt Democrat John Murtha


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      -cold-blood.html> Thousands seek to sink Navy plan to name a ship for
      Democrat John Murtha

      April 30, 2010 | 2:44 am

      One thing the elected and appointed folks of Washington are extremely good
      at is honoring themselves and one another. It's just like Hollywood awards
      without the beauty and fame and glamor and grace and borrowed dresses and
      jewelry and red carpet and public interest. Other than that, it's the same.

      Rooms, anterooms, passageways, legislation, proclamations, days,
      you-name-it, if it's big or doesn't move, it will get someone's name on it.
      Which is, of course, totally meaningless, but it keeps them from doing
      possibly worse things during their limited work hours.

      So naturally Navy Secretary Ray Mabus waited only a few weeks after the
      death of Democrat pork barrel king Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania to
      announce that a new San Antonio class ship (see photo above) would be named
      for the Pennsylvania grump.

      Longevity is king where seniority rules. And the 77-year-old Murtha lasted
      almost 18 terms, which is a long time worthy of keen admiration by the
      elected likes of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (only 11 terms so far), who called
      Murtha "our dear Jack."

      As the former owner of a car wash in Johnstown, it's only natural that
      Murtha's name would go on a combat amphibious transport dock as the first
      not named for a city. Actually, what....

      ...Obama appointee Mabus likely had in mind was Murtha's several years in
      the Marines. Murtha was, in fact, the first House member who served in
      combat in the Vietnam War, which was unfortunately lost. He received a
      Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts.

      The keel-laying for the Murtha ship is still a year away, and it won't be
      doing anything worthwhile for three years after that.

      But there's a problem. And it's growing. Back in 2005 as part of Murtha's
      late-breaking opposition to the Iraq war he was for before he was opposed,
      when a few fellow Marines were accused of killing some Iraqi civilians in
      Haditha, ex-Marine Murtha announced the soldiers had done it "in cold

      Never mind that there hadn't been a full investigation yet, let alone

      Despite Murtha's preemptive verdict, eventual charges against six Marines
      were dropped, one was acquitted and another awaits trial on reduced charges.
      Other than that, Murtha was bang-on.

      Immediately after Mabus' announcement, a raging online controversy broke out
      even on
      <http://www.navytimes.com/news/2010/04/navy_murtha_backlash_042710w/> the
      Navy's own website, where Murtha was accused of betrayal.

      The honor was called inappropriate, "a slap in the face," an "absolute
      disgrace" and akin to naming a U.S. ship for Benedict Arnold.

      Within two days,
      a Facebook page called "People Against Naming a Navy Ship USS Murtha"
      acquired some 1,300 followers. Friday morning membership had exploded beyond

      On one online site David Martin wrote:

      There are many men and women with greater records of valor and service to
      the country who deserve the honor of having a warship named in their memory
      before John Murtha has a warship [named] in his honor. He made sure there
      was an airport named after himself. What more does there need to be?

      Reality, of course, is that since
      draws-criticism/> Murtha was of Washingtonand ex-Mississippi governor Mabus
      is now too and Murtha's Democrat party still controls both houses of
      Congress, not to mention the White House and Navy Department, these protests
      are going to disappear beneath the waves faster than the Titanic.

      The irony is that in addition to its
      PNgD9F95DD85> 360 crew members, the John P. Murtha will also transport 700
      cold-blooded Marines.

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      turn Tim Burns into the next Scott Brown

      Joe Biden update: He campaigns in old Murtha district, predicts 200,000 new

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      for Calif. money-raising

      -- Andrew Malcolm

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