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"They know no limits now"

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  • Beowulf
    Stupid Palestinians are the ones who ELECTED HAMAS in the first place, to engage in exactly this type of war. They are getting exactly what HAMAS promised. *
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      Stupid Palestinians are the ones who ELECTED HAMAS in the first place, to
      engage in exactly this type of war. They are getting exactly what HAMAS

      * Their whining knows no limits: "They call this war a cloud over the
      land. But they made the weather and then they stand in the rain and say
      'Shit, it's raining!'" Cold Mountain


      "They know no limits now"
      Eva Bartlett writing from the occupied Gaza Strip, Live from Palestine, 3
      January 2009


      A flyer dropped on the Gaza Strip reads: "People of the Strip/ Hamas will
      lead you to destruction/ The streets of Gaza December 2008." (Sameh A.

      In the haze of dust and smoke from the latest F-16 strike, a family
      self-evacuates. The dispatcher at the Jabaliya Palestine Red Crescent
      Society (PRCS) receives call after call from terrified residents fleeing
      their homes. It's a new year, a new Nakba, and an old scene; Israel is
      bombarding Gaza once again and the world is standing idly by, sitting on a
      fence very different from the electrified border fence encaging Gaza, or the
      separation wall dividing and ghettoizing the West Bank. The world sits on
      the fence, justifying Israel's massacre of a civilian population already
      dying from the siege.

      We are four ambulances out tonight, versus two last night. The ambulances
      weave nimbly along blacked-out streets of a manufactured ghost town -- like
      the streets all over Gaza -- dodging fresh piles of rubble,

      It's absolutely impossible, unbelievable, it's a massacre. "They know no
      limits now," the medics report. "They are going crazy."

      We pass shells of houses, mosques, schools and shops, and see streams of
      panicked residents fleeing for their lives. Many more began to flee this
      morning after yet another night of bombardment on and around their houses. I
      saw the remains of rubble. This morning when Israel dropped the flyers
      announcing their intention to bomb the northern regions in collective
      punishment, residents believed it. The lights in Jabaliya's PRCS stations
      are out, the power has just cut. In the dark, and cold, the sounds of
      explosions outside are more pronounced.

      Acrid smoke from the shelling poisons the air. The feeling of being utterly
      surrounded by war planes, tanks, bulldozers and warships increases as news
      comes of the latest attack around Gaza: an orphanage in Gaza City, near the
      Palestine Mosque, with whispers that the holy place is next, marking at
      least 10 mosques destroyed. The number of dead and injured from the attack
      on the Ibrahim al-Makadma Mosque today is 11 and 50 respectively, and

      The calls for help from the northwest region, and from 500 kilometers east
      of this ambulance station, must go unanswered. The medics must coordinate
      with Israel via the ICRC. A bitter irony; the occupier denies permission to
      leave, the occupier invades, the invader kills and injures, and -- beyond
      belief -- holds the power to grant permission to retrieve those that the
      invader has injured or killed.

      My article ends in continued disbelief -- to the thuds of explosions and
      Apache blades; to the staccato of firing into the night; and to blasts
      hitting unknown targets with an unknown end.

      Eva Bartlett is a Canadian human rights advocate and freelancer who spent
      eight months in 2007 living in West Bank communities and four months in
      Cairo and at the Rafah crossing. She is currently based in the Gaza Strip
      after having arrived with the 3rd Free Gaza Movement boat in November. She
      has been working with the International Solidarity Movement in Gaza,
      accompanying ambulances while witnessing and documenting the ongoing Israeli
      air strikes and ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

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