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  • Sw. Amrit Subhuti
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      Unless you are enjoying yourself, sooner or later you will feel frustrated.
      PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO ENJOY THEMSELVES. They know many other things: how
      to go to a movie and enjoy it, how to make love to a woman and enjoy it, how
      to eat good food and enjoy it -- but nobody seems to know how to just enjoy

      You can see movies, but you will get fed up. You can move with women, but
      you will get fed up -- because it is the same repetition again and again.
      You can read a few stories and novels, but again you will get fed up --
      because it is the same triangle and the same love story. Only details
      change, but the whole gestalt remains the same. By and by, the food is the
      same; it is the same morning and evening -- everything continues. It is a
      routine, unless you can enjoy yourself -- because YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF
      CONSTANT RENEWAL, RESURRECTION. Within your innermost core, new life is
      happening every moment. It is an explosion, an ongoing explosion.

      postponements. You can push frustration a little further away, but again it
      will be there waiting for you.

      So start enjoying yourself. JUST SITTING SILENTLY, FEEL DELIGHTED. Just
      looking at the stars, for no particular reason, start singing or dancing.
      And don't think that this is mad. People have a very curious notion. If they
      are happy for no reason at all, they are thought to be mad. People say that
      you must have some reason to be happy.

      As I see it, happiness should be just a natural state of affairs. YOU ARE
      ALIVE -- THAT'S ENOUGH. You should be happy. To be alive is enough reason to
      be happy, to rejoice.

      If people ask you why you are happy, you simply say because you are alive!
      But people think that we must have some other cause: you have won a lottery
      or have won something in a horse race; you have a new girlfriend or you have
      become famous; you have become a Nobel Prize winner or something. These
      people can never really be happy. Their happiness is just like lightning; it
      comes and goes. It is nothing that you can be nourished by, it is nothing
      that you can breathe in and out.

      SO START BEING HAPPY FOR NO REASON AT ALL. Even you will think that
      something is going wrong, there is no reason to be happy. But I say just
      being alive is enough.

      In the Bible, one of the most repeated words is 'rejoice' -- almost nine
      hundred times. Again and again 'rejoice', 'joy', 'delight' -- or other
      synonyms for the same word. And the meaning of the word rejoice is
      beautiful: YOU SIMPLY REJOICE BECAUSE YOU ARE. Try it and get in tune with

      Again the morning has come. Rejoice and thank God because one day there will
      be no morning.

      Again the night is full of stars. Rejoice and dance under it -- because one
      day you will not be there and the dance will not be possible. A night has
      been given to you again. Why waste it?

      And this enjoyment should be simple, unreasonable, irrational. And it should
      not have anything to do with anybody else. It should be simply within you,
      the flame of it. And when you can rejoice alone, you can relate; you will
      have something to say.

      EVEN YOUR SILENCE WILL BECOME PREGNANT. Even if you sit silently by someone,
      he will feel your presence. He will be filled by your presence. He will be
      touched by you, invoked, invited to your innermost shrine. He will become a
      guest in you. Whether you say anything or not is irrelevant.

      Even silence says much when you have something to say.

      And when you don't have anything to say, you go on talking; those words are
      empty. They are not pregnant with life. They really don't belong to you;
      they have not arisen out of you. They don't carry any part of you, are not
      full of your presence.

      So first create an aura of rejoicing around you, a milieu, an atmosphere.
      Then you can create it alone; nobody is needed. And when you are happy, you
      will feel that people are attracted towards you, are pulled almost
      magnetically. Something inner starts pulling one. Who does not want to be
      happy? And who does not want to be with a man who is happy? THE HAPPY MAN

      People go on tolerating unhappy people, because what else can one do? Those
      are the only people available. Become happy, and then you will see that even
      your silence is heard, to say nothing of your words. PEOPLE SIMPLY FEEL GOOD
      WHEN THEY ARE CLOSE TO YOU, and then you become open -- these are reciprocal
      things. When your presence makes others happy, their happiness makes you
      more happy. This goes on and on to higher waves.

      Beloved of My Heart
      Ch #25: Simply rejoice because you are
      pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

      [via Pratik]
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