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646'Serving the Enlightenment Transmission' Live Online Class Sunday, 7th September

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  • Oshana Online Classes
    Sep 1, 2014

      Sunday 7th September

      Live Online Class

      'Serving the Enlightenment Transmission'


      Dear Enlightenment Transmission Enjoyer,

      This week is the last chance to book a One-to-One or Live Online Class. There will be no online events except streaming replays and MP3s between 8th-27th September (approx.)

      This week’s live online class is a very important matter for anyone seeking Enlightenment, Enlightenment Transmission or simply a better life. Entitled ‘Serving the Enlightenment Transmission’, the class answers questions about the most important way to be. It builds on ‘An Impossible Place for the Ego', which will be available as a streaming replay and downloadable MP3 this week.

      Enlightenment Transmission One-to-Ones for this week are on Thursday 4th September in Helsinki or on Friday 5th September for Skype, Jitsi or Telephone. Email us to book an appointment.

      The 2014 USA Team is still considering retreat venues according to our unique standards. You are invited to email us to stay in touch, state your preferences and even make new proposals for Transmission Teaching in your state / country.

      The Winter Island Retreat in Finland survey suggests that both the last 2 weeks of January and the last 2 weeks of February 2015 are the most preferred by the greatest number of participants. These options will be offered again, for further selection, to those who expressed a firm intention to attend the Retreat. Contact me if you have specific preferences in this regard.

      New Enlightenment Transmission offerings are on their way.

      Excited Enlightenment Transmission Blessings,
      Dave Oshana

      7th September

      Live Online Class

      'An Impossible Place for the Ego'


      Listen in comfort

      Helsinki 5pm
      Paris 4pm - London 3pm
      NYC 10am - Chicago 9am - Calgary 8am - LA 7am
      Sydney Midnight - Hong Kong 10pm
      Moscow 6pm - Jerusalem 5pm - Cape Town 4pm

      Everyone has to serve something. It is not possible to operate without a context. Without a focus, you are prey to wandering influences.

      The highest good is to serve and distribute Enlightenment. Only Enlightenment exists forever.

      When you were born into this world you sought the Enlightenment Transmission. And only the Enlightenment Transmission can lead you all the way Home. Home is Enlightenment; where you understand who you are and live from that place.

      You have invested so much in your reputation, social connections and world but will it all be lost?  And if there is anything that you could leave behind to recover should you reincarnate, what would it be?

      Only the Enlightenment Transmission can make sense of the confusion. But how will you re-connect to the Enlightenment Transmission if you reincarnate?

      Serving the Enlightenment Transmission has two meanings. It means to be of service to the Enlightenment Transmission and to deliver Enlightenment Transmission to the world.

      Enlightenment Transmission is the most precious thing in existence. To serve the Enlightenment Transmission makes the best use of your time and resources.

      Join this live online class to discover how to optimise your life.


      Enlightenment-Now because time is running out