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The future of the Rossetti Archive

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  • D C Rose
    From: Jerome J. McGann X-posted from VICTORIA After this calendar year I plan to cease updating The Rossetti Archive. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2012
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      X-posted from VICTORIA
      After this calendar year I plan to cease updating The Rossetti Archive.
      I write to let you all know this in case there might be someone or some group who would like to take it over and carry it forward -- perhaps forward to a more comprehensive future (an archive, as I once thought we might pursue, devoted to "Pre-Raphaelitism, Its Context and Its Aftermath"). There's already a great deal of material in the Archive that falls under such a rubric.
      The Archive as it will stand at the end of the year can be and will be
      sustained at U. of Virginia in its achieved form, and will remain freely available. How long that will be the case I can't at this time say.
      The initial goals and development timeline (from 1992-2012) were largely achieved, though it is of course true -- as in all projects of this kind, and as I've often remarked -- that the act of practical implementation necessarily exposes the limits of the driving conceptions.
      In any case, I'm satisfied that I and the many people who worked with me on the Archive have done our best and that we can be pleased with what we've accomplished. The Archive was always also a laboratory experiment for investigating how digital and online media could deepen our understanding of textual and discourse fields, as well as develop practical new interpretive methods for investigating such fields, both traditional and digital. I think its work has been useful in this respect as well.
      I'm doing this, btw, because I have begun a couple of other long range projects that will prevent me from giving the Archive the attention it deserves. I also know that younger scholars will be able to bring a whole range of fresh and exciting ideas to its development.
      Should anyone be interested in undertaking this scholarly venture let me
      know. Write to me personally: jjm2f@.... I'd appreciate it if, before you write,
      you would think carefully about what you would be committing to.
      Jerome McGann
      The John Stewart Bryan University Professor
      U. of Virginia
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