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Weaver Lake

This afternoon I stopped at weaver Lake on Rt. 20 and was surprised to see an Adult Bald Eagle flying around then landed in a tree across from the boat
Betty Armbruster
5:37 PM

Audubon program tonight

A reminder of tonight's DOAS program in Oneonta: DOAS Bird Adventures in the Dominican Republic Andy Mason and Peg DiBenedetto will present a program about the
Andy Mason
6:03 AM

Louisiana Waterthrush

After a visit to Florida I discovered this morning that "my" Louisiana waterthrush arrived ahead of me. (Town of Springfield) -- Becky Gretton
Becky Gretton
Apr 16

They're coming!

The (unofficial) hummingbird migration map shows them getting closer each day! Check it out: Hummingbird Migration Map
Bright, Sandy
Apr 16


Broad-winged hawk has returned to our hill in Treadwell. -Pam Peters ovenb1rdp@...
Pamela J Peters
Apr 16

Carolina Wren

Carolina wrens are back at the feeder (they love that suet). They have stayed through winter, but not last year.
Apr 15


I forgot to mention there was a towhee here this morning. -- Tom Salo 5145 State Highway 51 West Burlington, NY 13482 ... This email has been checked for
Thomas Salo
Apr 15


There is currently an osprey hunting along the Millrace in Neahwa Park in Oneonta. Charlie Sent from my iPhone
Charles Scheim
Apr 15

Frogs, Meadowlarks and Snipe

Wood Frogs at 1600' yesterday. Spring Peepers at 1200'. Meadowlarks seem to have taken up residence in a field I have been keeping open. I have been mowing it
Thomas Salo
Apr 15

White-throated Sparrow

First of season White-throated Sparrow this morning. John S. Davis 190 Ottaway Road Cooperstown NY 13326 davi7js4@... 607-547-9688 iPhone 607-544-4032
John S. Davis
Apr 15

Tree swallows!

FOS here in Milford Village! Gerianne Carillo Sent from my iPhone
Gerianne Carillo
Apr 14

Brown Thrasher

While eating breakfast, I noticed a FOS Brown Thrasher in the yard this morning. My one Tree Swallow of a week ago is now dozens. Purple Finches have arrived
Thomas Salo
Apr 14

R-C Kinglet

First Ruby-crowned Kinglet today-Stamford, Delaware Co. Andy Andrew Mason 1039 Peck St. Jefferson, NY 12093 (607) 652-2162 AndyMason@...
Andy Mason
Apr 13


Ours arrived today! Gerianne Carillo Sent from my iPhone
Gerianne Carillo
Apr 13

Spring arrivals

Field sparrow, savannah sparrow, overwhelmed with sapsuckers. Drumming grouse also this morning in Roseboom. Bob Donnelly Sent from my iPad
Bob Donnelly
Apr 13
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