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Re: [os2wp] Medical spellcheck for Lotus WordPro

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  • Philip Griffin-Allwood
    ** Reply to note from patrickwest@crosswinds.net Thu, 31 Aug 2000 20:57:39 +0500 Saturday, September 2, 2000 Hi Patrick! ... I am a little confused by this.
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      ** Reply to note from patrickwest@... Thu, 31 Aug 2000
      20:57:39 +0500

      Saturday, September 2, 2000

      Hi Patrick!

      > Williams & Wilkins <www.wwilkins.com>, markets a Medical
      > Spellchecker based on Stedman's Dictionary. Every word in
      > the 26th edition is included.
      > I've used version it for years in WordPerfect. There wasn't
      > a version for DeScribe.
      > I have had the Version for M$Word (I spend far too much time
      > in NT & 9x, sigh) but recently I came across the Version 5.0
      > CD-ROM, versions for M$Word, wordperfect,,AMIPRO and Lotus
      > WordPro.
      > The file it installs for use with the Windows Version of
      > WordPro97 can be manually transferred to the Warp Version of
      > Wordpro. There it works fine.

      I am a little confused by this. Are you referring to the same Medical
      Dictionary or a one that can be added. WinWord, AmiPro and Lotus
      WordPro, all use the CorrectSpell dictionaries. I had thought
      WordPerfect used a different type.

      I also had thought the AmiPro and WordPro used versions that were not
      compatible (hyphenation was included in the WordPro dictionaries, while
      it is in a separate file for AmiPro). On my systems AmiPro (Win3x and
      OS/2) and OutLook98 (Win9x) use Eng9203 dictionary (LotusME1.DIC and
      MSSP2__EA.LEX), while Word Pro 97 (Win9x) uses the Eng9301 dictionary


      --written in WordStar 7.0d and emailed with Post Road Mailer 3.0


      Philip G. A. Griffin-Allwood, Ph.D.
      Kentville, N.S., Canada
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