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Re: [os2ddprog] DevHelp - Timers

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  • Steven Levine
    In , on 09/01/11 at 10:36 AM, Dee Sharpe said: Hi, ... There s support for this in uniaud which
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      In <4E5FA67B.8040107@...>, on 09/01/11
      at 10:36 AM, Dee Sharpe <demetrioussharpe@...> said:


      >I just need something to replicate the timer callout feature that's
      >available for *nix drivers.

      There's support for this in uniaud which is a port of the ALSA drivers.
      All the typical jiffies timing code works unmodified. The downside is
      that uniaud32 is a 32-bit driver and I'm not sure we need this level of
      complexity for the multimac drivers.

      >I'd rather try to use whatever's available
      >because there may end up being many drivers relying on this same batch
      >of code.

      David and I have had a lot of discussions of how we think the multimac
      drivers should evolve. We would like to see a lot more code move the the
      common subdirectory in a form that is easily reused. We considered
      implementing a .lib, but concluded just having common source is better in
      some ways. It makes it easier during the edit/debug cycle.

      >If not, what's the normal procedure for porting *nix drivers
      >that have this function?

      There is no normal, with is typical for OS/2 developers. If you look on
      hobbes and elsewhere you will find a number of attempts at generic
      wrappers for linix drivers. I don't think any were used by anyone other
      than the original developer. Also, all of this code is probably antique
      compared to current linux driver architecture.


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