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    PRESS RELEASE / Florida LULAC Convention elects Miamian as State Director PRESS RELEASE IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 29, 2007 Contact Person: Lourdes Jasper 954-319
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      PRESS RELEASE / Florida LULAC Convention elects Miamian as State


      May 29, 2007

      Contact Person: Lourdes Jasper 954-319 5795 or Douglas Saballos 305
      781 8054

      Florida LULAC Convention elects Miamian as State Director

      Tampa, FL, On Sunday, Labor day weekend LULAC, the League of Latin
      American Citizens, the oldest and largest Hispanic organization in
      the United States with its mission to advance the economic
      condition, educational attainment, political influence, health and
      civil rights of Hispanics in the United States and representing over
      215,000 members held it?s state convention in Tampa, Fl and elected
      Cuban born, Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera as its? state director. Ms.
      Rodriguez will serve as head of Florida representing issues
      affecting the Hispanic population in LULAC?s national board.

      Ms. Rodriguez Aguilera is an international speaker and entrepreneur
      as well as a long time activist on immigration, civil rights and
      education. Her elected board is comprised of Deputy State Director
      Julio Alba, Peruvian business developer, residing in Miami, V.P. of
      Women Joanne King women activist of Tampa, V.P. of Young Adults
      Rodolfo ?Puma? Pumariega, Cuban born entrepreneur residing in
      Naples, V.P. for Youth, John Luke Christian, Puerto Rican- Mexican
      residing in Clearwater and as Treasurer, LULAC? s International
      Ambassador for Latin America & the Caribbean, Puerto Rican, Robert

      Outgoing state director, Anita de Palma of Tampa , who held the
      position for it?s maximum term of four years will officially turn
      over the gavel to Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera at the LULAC national
      convention that will be held in Chicago , Illinois July 9-14, 2007.

      Awards were presented to Victor Valdes of Naples for Man of the
      Year, Joanne King of Tampa for Woman of the year and scholarships
      were given in memory of Gabriel Cazares, Armando Fernandez received
      the LULAC Florida Performing Arts Scholarship and Walmart presented
      other scholarship awards.

      Among other important issues approved in the convention were it?s
      selection of Miami as Florida ?s 2008 convention site. This will be
      critical as 2008 is an election year and Florida will play an
      important part as a key state for the Presidential election.

      Several resolutions were also presented and approved, concerning
      with 1)free trade for Peru, 2)environmental issues 3) Developing a
      Florida civil rights office to present complaints of human rights
      violation and 4) a resolution asking LULAC to develop a three digit
      rumor control and information/referral/complaint number to assist
      all those wanting to know basic immigration questions and a central
      place to call before hiring someone in filling out immigration
      documents. The latter will alleviate the overwhelming problem that
      has occurred to many immigrants that have handed their life savings
      for the hopes of gaining a legal status in the USA without obtaining
      promised results.

      All those interested in obtaining more information on Florida LULAC
      may e-mail

      Floridalulac@... the national LULAC page is www.lulac.org.

      Press Release distributed by the LULAC Florida State office



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