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Re: [Orthognathic Surgery Support ] joined 11 years ago; finally scheduled for surgery in 2 months

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  • Karisa
    Gerald, in what city are you in? Sent from my iPhone ... [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 23, 2012
      Gerald, in what city are you in?

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      On Nov 20, 2012, at 4:43 PM, "gerald" <pilby0@...> wrote:

      > Hey everyone. I joined this group in 2001 when I first realized I had an underbite that needed surgery to be corrected. Then I was 18 and a junior in college. I spent a lot of time on this group, but never seriously investigated the surgery because of the cost hurdle.
      > Now, 11 years later, I'm married with four kids and finally scheduled for my surgery on January 23, 2013. I'm really looking forward to finally being on the other side of it, after so many years of knowing it's what I needed.
      > I've been in braces since Sept 1, 2011. Ortho says I'm good to go for surgery any time. I chose January because my health insurance has pre-authorized coverage for it and it should wipe out my deductible for the year, meaning all medical expenses for my family for the rest of the calendar year will be covered at 100%. So doing the surgery in January made sense so that we have the rest of the year to plan other visits that we might otherwise have delayed had we had to pay out of pocket.
      > Reading all the stories and looking at all the before/after pics were extremely helpful in reassuring me that this was the right choice.

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