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Re: Two more days (or less!)

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  • ceast36532
    me, too for you! but monday is a bit away, still ... help ... despite ... he ... recovery, ... surgery, ... be ... I
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 1, 2006
      me, too for you! but monday is a bit away, still

      --- In orthognathicsurgerysupport@yahoogroups.com, "Ashleigh"
      <funkymunkey@...> wrote:
      > I sort of tried heat as well... via hot drinks. I didn't try hot
      > towels or anything, but I'll keep that in mind in case it happens
      > again (heaven forbid! lol). I dunno... nothing really seemed to
      > but sleeping finally, which I was really glad I was able to do
      > the pain.
      > I plan on telling my doc when I see him on Mon morning (7:30am!
      > Woot!). And like you said, before is probably better. I'm hoping
      > thinks it's nothing major. So far, I've had a pretty good
      > and he's been really happy each time I've seen him since the
      > and I'd really like that to continue! My worst fear right now is
      > definitely having this continue any longer... I'm soooooo ready to
      > able to talk/eat/open my mouth, and most importantly: brush ALL my
      > teeth and my tongue!!!
      > I'm hoping I'm wire-free and happy by Monday at, like, 8am! lol...
      > have an appointment with my ortho right after the one with the
      > surgeon, so I'm hoping both go by really smoothly and then I can
      > celebrate by having something thicker than soup! :D
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