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Re: [Orthognathic Surgery Support ] Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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  • Jeff Everhart
    Stephanie will you marry me? Your answer was spot on and very direct, I can t thank you enough for an honest and objective answer. ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2006
      Stephanie will you marry me? Your answer was spot on
      and very direct, I can't thank you enough for an
      honest and objective answer.

      --- that_stephanie <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      > Jeff--
      > I would be lousy at defining beauty, but I can tell
      > you this: It is
      > much-studied. In fact, your surgeon and mine could
      > go on at length
      > about certain standards of beauty that are found to
      > be universally
      > appealing across all ethnic groups, even. You
      > wouldn't believe the
      > studies out there. Just do a Google search on
      > beauty standards, and
      > you will see.
      > The face that has these standards will almost always
      > be judged more
      > visually appealing than the face that does not.
      > There are studies
      > that use computers to slightly morph the same
      > picture of a face, and
      > each variation of the same face is presented to
      > study subjects. One
      > I know of was conducted in China, to determine a
      > particular set of
      > beauty ideals having to do with certain facial
      > angles. Men and
      > women had different responses, interestingly.
      > Another study, if I
      > recall, sought to discover how closely surgeons'
      > judgements of
      > beauty matched those of the lay public, and the
      > conclusion was that
      > they did, so we may be confident that the bone
      > structure a surgeon
      > designs during surgery will most likely conform to
      > the standard
      > ideal. Well, that's reassuring.
      > Ummm...there are certain things, like left-right
      > symmetry that
      > matter when judging beauty. Then there's the amount
      > of gum-line
      > that shows when a person smiles, or facial length
      > proportion (ie.
      > length between hairline to eyebrows, between
      > eyebrows and bottom of
      > the nose, and between bottom of the nose to bottom
      > of the chin; they
      > should be roughly equal, according to studies.)
      > There's the angle
      > from tip of nose to chin, which you may have noticed
      > is evaluated in
      > your pre-op studies. There are all sorts of factors
      > that
      > influence "beauty" and most people will agree on
      > what is beautiful
      > and what is not, most of the time, even if defining
      > the term is
      > difficult.
      > Sometimes a beautiful person has a terrible
      > personality and vice-
      > versa. To me, there is nothing more sexy than a
      > confident man with
      > a sense of humor, and his looks can take quite a hit
      > if he's
      > charming. But I think women judge men less visually
      > than men judge
      > women, for biological reasons, though physical
      > attraction varies
      > with a woman's menstrual cycle, at least according
      > to one study
      > presentation I saw in television. Oh, beauty is
      > such an interesting
      > subject, but it's much more enjoyable if we don't
      > try to evaluate it
      > to death. But believe me, there are many who make a
      > living out of
      > it.
      > Anyway. As long as you're going to fix something,
      > you want to fix
      > it nice, right? In general.

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