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Metropolitan Valentin on the ROCOR

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  • nicholas candela
    ... about our brothers who once dwelt together with us within the confines of the saving Church, who once communed ... New York, a ... unity with the ... the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2003
      > We meet the present feast alarmed by thoughts
      about our brothers who once dwelt together with us
      within the confines of the saving Church, who once
      > with us from one chalice, but who are now rushing
      > headlong into the abyss of heresy and of apostasy.
      > Sad tidings have reached us this Nativity Fast from
      > America where the bishops and priests of the Russian
      > Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, once famed for
      > their unassailable Orthodoxy, seem to have decided
      > to unite with the Moscow Patriarchate, which they
      > have now begun to refer to as no less than the
      > �Church in Russia.� It was not so very long ago that
      > this very Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
      > helped many of us, the Orthodox in Russia, and in
      > other countries of the world, to open our eyes to
      > the fact that the Moscow Patriarchate is not the
      > true Church of Christ. The God-inspired writings of
      > the great fathers of the Russian diaspora, whose
      > assembly (was) headed by our Father among the
      > Saints Philaret, Metropolitan of Eastern America and
      New York, a
      > wonderworker, were and remain for us a pure source
      > of the Truth of the Church. And the truth is that,
      > in the twentieth century, a time during which
      > godless atheism raged over the unfortunate land of
      > Russia, the Russian Church was forcibly divided and
      > almost completely destroyed as a result of seventy
      > years of bloody persecutions. During the Second
      > World War, specifically in 1943, in pursuit of his
      > political aims, the bloody tyrant, Stalin, who had
      > annihilated millions of people, including the New
      > Martyrs of Russia, took a handful of surviving
      > clergymen�-frightened and unwilling-�and founded his
      > false church which began to pretend to be the
      > Russian Orthodox Church. The real Russian Church
      > went underground, into the catacombs, and the
      > persecution waged against her neither ceased nor
      > decreased over the course of the entire Soviet
      > period, in spite of several �thaws� and reforms. And
      > this tragic division was always witnessed to
      > by the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia,
      > which in its synodal documents confessed spiritual
      unity with the
      > Catacomb Church, but labeled the Moscow Patriarchate
      > as the �church of evil doers� and as a heretical
      > organization.
      > The heresy of the Moscow Patriarchate became
      > especially evident to the Orthodox people of the
      > Russian diaspora when in 1961 it (the MP) joined the
      > World Council of Churches�-an organization uniting
      > every conceivable kind of heretic, and having as its
      > aim the foundation of �one Christian Church,� into
      > which would be incorporated all of the ancient and
      > newest heresies and false teachings. Not being
      > content to wait for the establishment of this
      > �universal church,� the members of the World Council
      > of Churches began to pray together and even to
      > perform so-called �sacraments,� which things are
      > strictly forbidden by the holy Apostles and the
      > Ecumenical Councils. Thus, the �Orthodox� members of
      > the World Council of Churches, including the Moscow
      > Patriarchate, clearly severed their ties to the holy
      > Apostles and the Ecumenical Councils, and thereby to
      > Orthodoxy. This is exactly what was taught by the
      > Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, which in
      > 1983, on the
      > initiative of St. Philaret, anathematized
      > ecumenism, i.e., gave over to ecclesiastical
      > condemnation and excommunication all who took part
      > in the World Council of Churches and the ecumenical
      > movement. Until this day the Moscow Patriarchate
      > remains a member of the World Council of Churches,
      > and some of her hierarchs and priests make up the
      > leadership of that heretical organization. And the
      > present day Russian Church Abroad-�more correctly
      > that part of her which is headed by Met.
      > Laurus�-without formally abrogating the anathema
      > against ecumenism, has announced its approaching
      > unification with the ecumenists. Is this not a
      > classic example of what is called in the Order of
      > the Mystery of Confession �falling under one's own
      > anathema"? In their blindness, the leaders of the
      > Russian Church Abroad �didn't notice� that at the
      > same time that their delegation was meeting in
      > Moscow, an ecumenical �theological conference� was
      > also being held which had been opened by the
      > Patriarch. Similarly, the leaders of the Russian
      > Church Abroad are now ready to
      > �swallow� any apostasy of the Moscow
      > Patriarchate. And this means that despite the hopes
      > of the �zealots� within the Moscow Patriarchate
      > itself, after uniting with her, the hierarchs of the
      > Church Abroad will become...
      > submissive and silent (about the MP's)betrayals
      > of Orthodoxy.
      > For more than seventy years, the Russian Church
      > Abroad was the custodian of the pure repository of
      > the true Orthodox Faith, and the whole Orthodox
      > world looked up to her with respect and hope. How
      > sad she appears now after her rejection of her great
      > inheritance, in her role as a humiliated petitioner
      > for mercy from the likes of the Moscow Patriarchate.
      > It makes your heart bleed when you look upon such an
      > �abomination of desolation,�standing in the holy
      > place� (Mt. 24:15). Indeed, the fall of the Church
      > Abroad is a phenomenon more tragic and�-I would even
      > say�-apocalyptic, than the fall of the Moscow
      > Patriarchate, which from its inception in 1943, was
      > �conceived in iniquities� and �born in sins.� The
      > Russian Church Abroad, however, for almost all of
      > twentieth century, shone like a torch of Orthodoxy,
      > and for this reason the satanic crime which her
      > present day �blind leaders� are committing is
      > frightening and unforgivable. Metropolitan Laurus,
      > Archbishop Mark,
      > Archbishop Hilarion, Bishop Kyril�-having kissed
      > the hand of the impostor-Patriarch Alexis--give the
      > impression of people who have lost their sight and
      > hearing, and have lost all common sense, not to
      > mention their Orthodox Faith. They have likened
      > themselves to the people who were reproached by the
      > prophet Jeremiah, when he said: �Hear now this, O
      > foolish people, and without understanding; which
      > have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear
      > not� (Jer. 5:21). Hear now, O hierarchs and clergy
      > of the Russian Church Abroad, not our lowly voice,
      > which for a long time now has meant nothing to you,
      > but the trumpet blast of your own fathers. Hear how
      > your first First Hierarch, the blessed Metropolitan
      > Anthony, implored by the Living God the founder of
      > the Moscow Patriarchate, Sergius (Stragorodsky), to
      > follow the path of the New Martyrs and not betray
      > the Church into the hands of the atheists. Read the
      > sacred lines of the spiritual last will and
      > testament of your second First Hierarch,
      Metropolitan Anastassy, who forbade
      > not only prayerful, but
      > even simple everyday communion with the false
      > church, founded by Stalin. Behold the incorrupt
      > relics of the great zealot for Orthodoxy St.
      > Metropolitan Philaret, whom you sacrilegiously
      > buried in the crypt of the cathedral church of the
      > monastery in Jordanville! Do you think that you will
      > escape hearing his ominous anathema when you stand
      > before the throne of the King of Heaven where this
      > great God-pleaser now stands pouring out bitter
      > tears over your inglorious end?
      > Look into the eyes of the New Martyrs and
      > Confessors of Russia�-both those who were
      > hypocritically by the Moscow Patriarchate without
      > first repenting, and those whom they continue to
      > blaspheme. What do you expect to hear from that
      > �Divine Army,� the many millions of Saints �of whom
      > the whole world was not worthy� when you try to
      > justify your treachery? For now you are about to
      > cross the threshold of that same Moscow
      > Patriarchate, for which many bishops, priests, and
      > lay people, the salt of the Russian land, because
      > they refused to recognize her, were summarily shot,
      > without any trial or due process. You kiss the cold
      > hand of the successor of that same Sergius who once
      > openly, before the entire world, renounced the New
      > Martyrs and blasphemed them, saying that they were
      > political criminals, and that the Church distances
      > itself from them. And this at the same moment when
      > these New Martyrs were witnessing to their fidelity
      > to Christ and His Church by incredible
      > sufferings!
      > You, the unworthy successor to the former glory of
      > the Russian Church Abroad, sing Hosanna and Many
      > Years to the so-called �most holy Patriarch� who not
      > only has never uttered a word of repentance for
      > directly collaborating with the KGB (formerly the
      > NKVD), but has increased his apostasies since the
      > fall of the Soviet authorities. In 1990, none other
      > than the present leader of the Moscow Patriarchate
      > announced, while speaking before a group of rabbis
      > in New York, that he and the followers of the Talmud
      > have but �one Father.� But was it not the Lord
      > Himself Who said to the Jews who rejected Him that
      > their father was the devil? Under Alexis II, the
      > Moscow Patriarchate signed two unions: the Chambesy
      > Union with the Monophysites, and the Balamand Union
      > with the Catholics. This is the same false Patriarch
      > Alexis who covers over all of the transgressions of
      > the post-Soviet authorities, because of which a
      > large portion of the Russian people continue to
      > suffer.
      > And finally, you, the church of Met. Laurus, are
      > betraying your own flock in Russia, which trusted
      > you and which now, it seems, is not even worthy of
      > being called �the Church in Russia!� What will
      > become of this admittedly little flock which
      > consciously chose to depart from the unrighteousness
      > of the Moscow Patriarchate, but has now suddenly
      > found itself to be unneeded and even a �liability�
      > for its own church leaders? At the Last Judgment,
      > each pastor must give an answer for every soul that
      > has been destroyed and betrayed by him, for the
      > entire world is not worth even one human soul.
      > The spiritual essence of what is now taking place
      > with the Russian Church Abroad is clear: it is part
      > of the process of the worldwide apostasy from the
      > Truth which will precede the glorious Second Coming
      > of Christ. The Savior forewarned us about this
      > saying: �When the Son of Man cometh, shall He find
      > the Faith on the earth?� (Lk. 18:8) Alas, it is
      > already the case in this imperfect world, which
      > reposeth in evil, that the �little flock� of true
      > Orthodox Christians is getting smaller and smaller,
      > and it is becoming more and more difficult for it to
      > survive under these conditions of universal
      > apostasy. Nevertheless, besides the spiritual
      > aspect, the process of unification between the
      > Russian Church Abroad and the Moscow Patriarchate
      > has another, purely secular, mercantile side to it.
      > Apparently, this secular concern controls the
      > activities of the hierarchs of the synod of Met.
      > Laurus, which from a spiritual point of view, appear
      > completely absurd and unnatural. The
      > secular aspect of this process results in the fact
      > that over the course of the past few years, the
      > Russian Church Abroad has consistently been losing
      > its properties and flocks abroad. This may be
      > explained by the fact that the major portion of the
      > Russian emigration is now comprised of people who
      > have emigrated recently from Russia, where they were
      > raised and educated under the Soviet regime. For the
      > majority of these people, those ideals which were
      > insisted upon in the past by the Russian Church
      > Abroad, have no meaning, and the Church for them now
      > is simply a �link to the motherland.� Besides this,
      > the Moscow Patriarchate is also very actively
      > opening new parishes abroad, and snatching away the
      > properties of the Russian Church Abroad. Thus the
      > leadership of the Russian Church Abroad is compelled
      > to �capitulate� in order not to lose the latter.
      > This means that the underlying stimuli for the
      > �reunification� that is taking place are not
      > spiritual, theological, canonical,
      > or even patriotic ones, but purely economic
      > and financial ones . And this imparts a certain
      cynicism to the
      > betrayal that is being carried out, and to the self-
      > destruction of the Russian Church Abroad.
      > The fatal mistake of the leadership of the Russian
      > Church Abroad was made in 1994, when it actually
      > pushed away its faithful children in Russia who were
      > then joining her in droves. After the fall of the
      > Soviet regime, the future of the Russian Church
      > Abroad was only in Russia, whither she was to have
      > returned the unspoiled repository of Orthodoxy which
      > she had been keeping. And the process of this return
      > had already been begun:in just a few short years
      > there appeared hundreds of Orthodox parishes and
      > communities which had renounced the heretical Moscow
      > Patriarchate and had joined themselves to the
      > Russian Church Abroad. Such a development of events,
      > threatening the Moscow Patriarchate itself with
      > ruin, frightened many of those in power,both in the
      > church and in the government. With the help of
      > various provocations and slanders, the seeds of
      > mistrust between the parts of the Church in the
      > Russian homeland and abroad were sown, and soon
      > afterward, the Church abroad set out
      > on the course of compromise and rapprochement
      > with the Moscow Patriarchate, which had never been
      > an acceptable possibility for the part of the Church
      > in the Russian homeland from the beginning. But in
      > any case, the Russian Church Abroad did manage to
      > return the repository of unspoiled Orthodoxy to the
      > Russian homeland, even if only at the last moment.
      > Canonical episcopal consecrations were performed,
      > and the living bearer of the great tradition of the
      > Russian Church Abroad--the ever-memorable Bishop
      > Gregory (Grabbe)--not long before his repose, bound
      > to a wheelchair, visited Suzdal, where he blessed
      > the path of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church.
      > Thus, the thread of succession, stretching from
      > Apostolic times, through the pre-revolutionary
      > Russian Church, through the Church of the New
      > Martyrs and the Russian Church Abroad, was
      > transferred to us. The repository was returned to
      > the homeland, and the historical mission of the
      > Russian Church Abroad was accomplished.
      > Many of the great Churches of the past fell away
      > into heresy or ceased to exist. Before the end of
      > time, only the Universal Church of Christ will
      > survive, but independent Local Churches can come and
      > go. Now that the Russian Church Abroad has fallen
      > from Orthodoxy, an especially providential mission
      > has been placed upon us, dear hierarchs, fathers,
      > brothers and sisters. We should do everything
      > possible, and everything that is not possible, in
      > order to preserve the true Orthodox Faith without
      > any distortions, modernizations, and false
      > interpretations. And if it is ordained that Russia
      > should experience a renaissance, then this will only
      > happen on the foundation of true Orthodoxy which our
      > Church confesses and preaches. However, our
      > preaching should not be confined by the traditional
      > territorial borders of the Russian Church. Now, when
      > the official local churches have fallen away from
      > Orthodoxy, our preaching should resound across the
      > entire world, �from the rising of the
      > sun to the setting thereof.� And we note with joy
      > the increasing numbers of our flocks abroad�-in
      > places like America, Western Europe, Bulgaria,
      > Korea, etc. We should be prepared for the task that
      > the Lord has assigned to our Church in particular:to
      > continue the service of the Russian Church Abroad,
      > even beyond the borders of our homeland.
      > I call upon you, beloved brethren and children, to
      > increase your prayers for the salvation of all true
      > Orthodox believers, who for one reason or another
      > continue to remain aboard the sinking ship that is
      > the Russian Church Abroad. It is necessary to serve
      > special moliebens to ask God's help for those people
      > in their imminent search for the path which leads to
      > the true Church. May the Lord enlighten our brothers
      > abroad so that we might one day again, with one
      > mouth and with one heart, glorify Christ our Savior
      > with the words of the angelic doxology of the feast
      > of the Nativity: �Glory to God in the highest, and
      > on earth peace, goodwill amongst men.�
      > Lowly Valentine,
      > Metropolitan of Suzdal and Vladimir,
      > First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous
      > Church

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