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The future of the MP.

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  • vkozyreff
    Dear List, Since the ROCOR is well on her way to unity, and since Met. Alexy II will probably have a successor soon, why longer speak about Agent Drosdov? Let
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2003
      Dear List,

      Since the ROCOR is well on her way to unity, and since Met. Alexy II
      will probably have a successor soon, why longer speak about Agent
      Drosdov? Let us look to the future. it is well advised to see who is
      going to lead the MP in the next years, when the new unity is fully

      An important person in the MP is Met Kyrill (often described as the
      future patriarch), a great orator as well as a specialist in import
      and ecumenism. As Mr. Boitchenko wrote recently, the ROCOR needs more
      the MP than inversely.

      The MP however will need ROCOR's help to correct a few misconceptions
      in its philosophy and ethics. A sample is given below, which shows
      that the ROCOR's programme is a vast one. Who is going to influence
      the other? The future will tell us, but I have my idea on this topic.
      Budiet intieriesno. Posmotrim.

      A reassuring note is that Metropolitan Kyrill has no fear about
      keeping the faith intact in ecumenical conditions. Metropolitan
      Kyrill is one of the best known hierarchs of the MP, but not because
      of some kind of radiant sanctity or spiritual richness. The free
      voice of the Russian Church will have to speak a lot. Will it speak
      in unisson with Met. Kyrill, or do we have to fear any cacophony?

      Let us remark that there is no ounce of spirituality in the
      descriptions below. Of coure, spiritual rebirth cannot touch all at
      the same time.

      In God,

      Vladimir Kozyreff

      Metropolitan Cyril of Smolensk and Kaliningrad. As head of the
      largest church department, he outweighed many other trumps (in the
      prospective succession to Met Alexis II). Thanks to his doubtless
      oratorical abilities and his active contacts with the authorities and
      the mass-media, metropolitan Cyril became the most recognized MP
      cleric after the Patriarch in the country. The situation has changed
      at the end of 1996 when the central press published documents about
      half legal import of cigarettes in the country, under a kind of
      humanitarian help programme, in which the MP external relations
      department was involved. Such articles seriously discredited
      metropolitan Cyril in the eyes both the public, and the members of
      the Church.


      Metropolitan Cyril (Gundyaev) hopes for the revival of contacts
      between the orthodox and catholic churches (Russian line - VD-inform,

      During his March business trip to Italy, the chairman of the MP
      external relation department, metropolitan Cyril (Gundyaev) mentioned
      obstacles in the relations between the MP and the Vatican. In the
      opinion of this great actor of world ecumenism, among those
      obstacles is, first of all, the activity of the Catholic missionaries
      in the Ukraine and uniatism. Secondly, the events in the Balkans,
      which seriously interfere with an adjustment of the dialogue between
      the orthodox and Catholic churches.

      The Metropolitan very vaguely expressed his ideas about the future of
      the relations between Orthodoxy and Catholicism: " I am neither a
      pessimist, nor an optimist, I am a realist and I think that only the
      unity of Christians can be the key to the solution of the faith
      crisis of between East and West ".

      Here is the logic mistake in metropolitan Cyril's fundamental
      reasoning: obviously, the unity of Christians cannot be "the solution
      to the faith crisis"… The Orthodox understand such a unity as a
      pasage of the true faith to the papists' stray, and ecumenism as a
      mixture of faith and heresy, inadmissible for the real, right and
      glorifying Divine Truth.

      Circumstances in Russia are now particularly favourable to ecumenism:
      liberalism and consumerism disseminate, and nobody is interested in
      the difference between truth and lie. The official ecumenical
      churches " adjust their dialogue in the name of the world and
      progress ".

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