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[orthodox-synod] Reposed Hierarchs of the ROCOR in CSV format

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  • Udut, Kenneth
    As always, with a little extra time on my hands, I took the wonderful list that Fr David posted (and if I remember rightly, was based upon information given by
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1 7:52 AM
      As always, with a little extra time
      on my hands, I took the wonderful list that
      Fr David posted (and if I remember rightly, was
      based upon information given by numerous
      members of these lists - an excellent collaborative
      effort), I took a few minutes, and put the list
      in Comma Separated format. It may end up
      looking messy right here, but if you save it
      as text, and make it so that there is one
      Hierarch per line, then you should have
      no trouble importing the list into
      a database, spreadsheet, wordprocessor, etc.

      Here it is:

      ------------>8 cut here 8<-------------

      FIRST HIERARCH,Anthony (Khrapovitsky),Metropolitan of Kiev & Galicia,28
      July/10 August 1936
      FIRST HIERARCH,Metropolitan Anastasius (Gribanovsky),...,8/21 May 1965
      FIRST HIERARCH,Philaret (Voznesensky),Metropolitan of Eastern America & New
      York,8/21 November 1985
      METROPOLITAN,Methodius (Gerasimov),Metropolitan of Harbin and
      Manchuria,15/28 March 1931.
      METROPOLITAN,Innocent (Figurovsky),Metropolitan of Peking & China,15/28 June
      METROPOLITAN,Seraphim (Lade),Metropolitan of Berlin & Germany,1/14 September
      METROPOLITAN,Panteleimon (Rozhnovsky),Metropolitan of Minsk &
      Byeorussia,17/30 December 1950
      ARCHBISHOP,Eusebius,Archbishop of Narva & Izborsk,July 1929
      ARCHBISHOP,Simon (Vinogradov),Archbishop of Peking & China,11/24 February
      ARCHBISHOP,Gabriel (Chepur),Archbishop of Chelyabinsk & Troitsa,1/14 March
      ARCHBISHOP,Apollinarius (Koshevoy),Archbishop of North America,6/19 June
      ARCHBISHOP,Sergius (Petrov),Archbishop of Chernomorsk & Novorossisk,11/24
      January 1935
      ARCHBISHOP,Damian (Govorov),Archbishop of Tsarytsin,6/19 April 1936
      ARCHBISHOP,Theophanes (Bystrov),ret. Archbishop of Poltava and
      Pereyaslavl,6/19 February 1940
      ARCHBISHOP,Theophanes (Gavrilov),Archbishop of Kursk and Oboyan,1943
      ARCHBISHOP,Tikhon (Liashenko),ret. Archbishop of Berlin & Germany,11/24
      February 1945
      ARCHBISHOP,Benedict (Bobkovsky),Archbishop of Berlin & Germany,21 August/3
      September 1950 or 1951
      ARCHBISHOP,Theodore (Rafalsky),"Archbishop of Sydney, Australia & New
      Zealand",23 April/6 May 1955
      ARCHBISHOP,Joasaph (Skorodumov),Archbishop of Argentina & Paraguay,13/26
      November 1955
      ARCHBISHOP,Hieronymus (Chernov),Archbishop of Detroit & Flint,1/14 May 1957
      ARCHBISHOP,Gregory (Borishkevich),Archbishop of Chicago & Cleveland,13/26
      October 1957
      ARCHBISHOP,Vitalis (Maximenko),Archbishop of Eastern America & Jersey
      City,8/21 March 1960
      ARCHBISHOP,Tikhon (Troitsky),Archbishop of Western America & San
      Francisco,17/30 March 1963
      ARCHBISHOP,Stephen (Sevbo),Archbishop of Vienna & Austria,12/25 January 1965
      ARCHBISHOP,Saint John (Maximovich),Archbishop of Western America & San
      Francisco,19 June/2 July 1966
      ARCHBISHOP,Theodosius (Samoilovich),Archbishop of Sao Paolo & Brazil,13/29
      February 1968
      ARCHBISHOP,Demetrius (Magan),ret. Archbishop of Boston and New England,c.
      ARCHBISHOP,Leontius (Filippovich),"Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina,
      Chile & Paraguay",19 June/2 July 1971
      ARCHBISHOP,Ambrose (Merezhko),ret. Archbishop of Pittsburgh & W.
      Pennsylvania,26 November/9 December 1975
      ARCHBISHOP,Abercius (Taushev),Archbishop of Syracuse & Trinity,31 March/13
      April 1976
      ARCHBISHOP,Sabbas (Rayevsky),"Archbishop of Sydney, Australia & New
      Zealand",4/17 April 1976
      ARCHBISHOP,Nicon (Rklitsky),Archbishop of Washington & Florida,22 August/4
      September 1976
      ARCHBISHOP,Alexander (Lovchy),Archbishop of Berlin & Germany,29 August/11
      September 1976
      ARCHBISHOP,Nicodemus (Nagayev),Archbishop of Richmond & Great Britain,4/17
      October 1976
      ARCHBISHOP,Andrew (Rymarenko),Archbishop of Rockland,29 June 12 July 1978
      ARCHBISHOP,Theodosius,"Archbishop of Sydney, Australia & New Zealand",31
      July/13 August 1980
      ARCHBISHOP,Athanasius (Martos),"Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina &
      Paraguay",21 October/3 November 1983
      ARCHBISHOP,Philotheus (Narko),Archbishop of Berlin & Germany,11/24 September
      ARCHBISHOP,Nathaniel (Lvov),Archbishop of Vienna & Austria,27 October/8
      November 1986
      ARCHBISHOP,Seraphim (Ivanov),"Archbishop of Chicago, Detroit & the
      Midwest",12/25 July 1987
      ARCHBISHOP,Anthony (Bartashevich),Archbishop of Geneva & Western Europe,25
      August/7 September 1993
      ARCHBISHOP,Paul (Pavlov),"ret. Archbishop of Sydney, Australia & New
      Zealand",2/15 February 1995
      ARCHBISHOP,Anthony (Sinkevich),Archbishop of Los Angeles & Southern
      California,18/31 July 1996
      ARCHBISHOP,Seraphim (Szezhevsky),ret. Archbishop of Caracas & Venezuela,31
      August/13 September 1996
      BISHOP,Michael,Bishop of Cheboksar,1925
      BISHOP,Michael,Bishop of Alexandrovsk,9/2 September 1925
      BISHOP,Saint Jonah,Bishop of Tiantsin,7/20 October 1925
      BISHOP,Elias,Bishop of Salma in Urmia,December 1928
      BISHOP,Nicholas,Bishop of London,1931
      BISHOP,Anthony,Bishop of Alaska & the Aleutians,1934
      BISHOP,Basil,Bishop of Vienna & Austria,10/23 October 1945
      BISHOP,John,Bishop of Sitka & Alaska,1946
      BISHOP,Eulogius,Bishop of Caracas & Venezuela,1951
      BISHOP,Leontius,Bishop of Geneva,6/19 August 1956
      BISHOP,John,ret. Bishop of Salma & Urmia,1962
      BISHOP,Agapetus,Bishop of Goiana (Brazil) ,27 August/9 September 1966
      BISHOP,Sabbas (Sarachevitch),ret. Bishop of Edmonton,17/30 January 1973
      BISHOP,Nectarius,Bishop of Seattle,4/26 January 1983
      BISHOP,Nicander,Bishop of Sao Paolo & Brazil,2/19 December 1987
      BISHOP,Innocent,"Bishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina & Paraguay",10/23
      December 1987
      BISHOP,John (Legky),"Bishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina & Paraguay",20
      February/5 March 1995
      BISHOP,Gregory (Grabbe),ret. Bishop of Washington & Florida,September
      24/October 7 1995
      BISHOP,Constantine (Jesensky),ret. Bishop of Boston,18/31 May 1996

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