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Re: [orthodox-synod] Re: ROCA Bishops ask forgiveness from "Mother Church"!

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  • Elena Baranov
    As an academic, I have a habit of paying attention to facts and material evidence. If you know Russian well enough, I suggest you read the interviews given by
    Message 1 of 20 , Nov 30, 2003
      As an academic, I have a habit of paying attention to facts and material evidence. If you know Russian well enough, I suggest you read the interviews given by Archbishop Mark and Rev. Peter Holodny during their visit to Moscow and reported extensively in Pravoslavie.ru, Kommersant, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Pravda and Russkaya Linia.

      When official representatives of a church or any other organization travel on offficial business to conduct meetings, etc. with another organization and then make public statements concerning results of said meetings, it is assumed that such statements have been previously approved and, in fact, reflect the views and position of their respective organizations. Statement from MP representatives are basically consistent with the positions held by MP. Unfortunately, there was no such consistency on the part of ROCOR and the disavowal statement by Metropolitan Laurus (November 21, 2003) only added to the existing state of confusion.

      My statement concerning Metropolitan's health was not criticism, it is a fact that Metropolitan Laurus has had health problems for some time. Not too long ago, Metropolitan Laurus was admitted to one of the best hospitals in Boston where he had undergone surgery for a brain tumor. His condition was very serious and this was a known fact in the Russian community. During his hospital stay, Metropolitan Laurus had visitors from the Holy Epiphany parish, including Russian Sunday school carolers who came to the hospital to cheer him up on Nativity feast. Then there was another Boston hospital stay.

      What does -- "obviously-FSB inspired unionists" ??? "anti-MP aka KGB aka anti-ecclesiastical virus" mean or have anything to do with anything ??? Sounds as if a computer virus has taken hold of the spellcheck function ....

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      Well, really? One wonders if the Metropolitan is "not well and is
      not even aware of what is going on."

      It seems that you have decided he is not *your* Metropolitan. And on
      a ROCA members and friends group!

      So it may, in fact, all depend what one is hoping for. Yet here
      where I live I have seen that the effect of Vladyka's statement has
      been, on the most ardent obviously-FSB-inspired unionists, to slow
      them down and give them reason to think things through, and on the
      most determined anti-MP aka KGB aka anti-ecclesiastical virus of the
      day types, to give them hope that what happens next may be orderly.

      This seems to be consoling, calming and welcome, does it not? I am
      surprised, Dr. Baranova, that your reaction has been to so harshly
      criticize the First Hierarch when he may have - can you imagine -
      actually helped. Do you know him or is it good enough for you to
      attack him from a comfortable, distant position?


      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Elena Baranov"
      <sungari2@m...> wrote:
      > In view of the recent published interviews given by Archbishop
      Mark and Archpriest Peter Holodny to various Russian media and
      taking into account various actions by ROCOR bishops visiting Moscow
      (actions which have been filmed and broadcast over various Russian
      TV news programs), Metroplitan Laurus's statement appears to be a
      case of disingenuous backtracking.
      > When read in Russian, said statement makes one wonder if
      Metropolitan Laurus is not well and is not even aware of what is
      going on ...

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