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    In a message dated 10/6/03 5:23:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time, ... You can ask for his forgiveness now in person in December. Fr. Tikhon, I am sure, is not on
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      In a message dated 10/6/03 5:23:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
      byakimov@... writes:

      > If I am wrong about Archimandrite Tikhon then I ask his forgiveness

      You can ask for his forgiveness now in person in December. Fr. Tikhon, I am
      sure, is not on this list. So this is not the place to ask for his forgiveness.
      Likewise, if you have any complaints about how Fr. Tikhon runs his monastery,
      or the advise he gives to the President of the Russian Federation, my
      suggestion is that you put it in writing and give it to your diocesan Bishop, and ask
      that he pass it on. (If you believe your opinions are of such value). I do
      not think that the details of any pastoral conference should be a subject for
      discussion on a public Synod list. However, since the question was raised, it
      should be noted that the Conference will hear on the latest meeting between the
      President of the Russian Federation and members of the Synod of Bishops is
      well known. The conference will be run by the bishops of the Church Abroad. I
      doubt any one has any clue as to what will be the outcome. A Sobor will follow
      the Conference, and it is the Sobor which is of more importance. It is a still
      several months away.

      I am sure all the priests will listen to their flocks with an open mind and
      heart. In some form these concerns will be addressed. This is pastoral care.
      For those who do not know, deacons serve an important role in the church, but
      they are not pastors. They are to some extent representatives of the Church.
      Thus, I suggest that Fr. Deacon Basil express his concerns with his Rector and
      local bishop. If he has questions, he should wait for an answer.

      There is no rush to union. It will be several months before there is even a
      pastoral conference to hear a report on what was discussed between the Synod
      and President, and between the commission of Synodal bishops which are to meet
      with His Holiness, Patriarch Alexius. There are no secret meetings, as
      occurred between some clerical members of the Russian Church Abroad and the Georgian
      Church, (which produced no real result), a few years ago. This time, our
      Church is much more open, which gives hope that it will offer good fruit,
      regardless of what one's opinion is as to what that result should be.

      It is true that the pastoral conference to be held in December is balanced
      between bishops and priests of the Russian Church Abroad, and that it will
      include a few priests from Russia in order to give their first hand account of the
      state of the Russian Church.

      If any one has any questions, I strongly suggest looking at the Synod website
      and read an interview with Bishop Kyrill.

      In Christ,
      Priest Victor Boldewskul

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