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Prophecies of St. Kosmas Aitolos

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  • StephenATL
    New Hieromartyr Kosmas of Ætolia, Isapostole Whose Memory the Holy Church Celebrates on the 24th of August Our holy Father Cosmas was from the town of Mega
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      New Hieromartyr Kosmas of Ætolia, Isapostole
      Whose Memory the Holy Church Celebrates on the 24th of August
      Our holy Father Cosmas was from the town of Mega Dendron (Great Tree) of
      Aetolia. At the age of twenty, he went to study at the school of the
      Monastery of Vatopedi on the Holy Mountain. Later, he came to the
      Athonite Monastery of Philotheou where he was tonsured. With the
      blessing of his abbot, he departed for Constantinople where he learned
      the art of rhetoric, and thereafter, he began to preach throughout all
      the regions of northern Greece, the Ionian Islands, but especially in
      Albania, for the Christian people there were in great ignorance because
      of the oppression and cruelty of the Moslems. Finally, in 1776, after
      having greatly strengthened and enlightened the faithful, working many
      signs and wonders all the while, he was falsely accused by the leaders
      of the Jewish people and was executed by strangulation by the Moslem
      Turks in Albania.

      Prophecies of St. Kosmas Aitolos Concerning Wars in the Balkans

      1.One day this will become Romaiko (Greek) and fortunate is he who will
      live in that kingdom.
      (St. Kosmas would say this in different places in Greece, then under the
      Turkish yoke, that later on fought and acquired their freedom.)

      2.Oh! Blessed mountain, how many souls, women, and children will you
      save during those difficult years.
      (This prophecy was said in Siatista (northwestern Greece) and elsewhere
      where there were mountains. Women and children made them their refuge
      during the revolution.)

      3.Those who will seek refuge up here in these high mountains will be
      fortunate; they will protect you from many dreadful sufferings. You will
      hear of but not see the dangers. You will suffer for three hours, or
      three days (prophesied by the Saint in Siatista).

      4.That which is longed for will take place in the third generation. It
      will be seen by your grandchildren.
      (This exceedingly important prophecy of the Saint, which nursed the
      sweetest hope of the enslaved Greek people, received astonishing
      fulfillment. For the years of the liberation of the Nation are in fact
      the third generation from the time when the Saint made this prophecy,
      isasmuch as is known, each generation is reckoned as twenty-five years.)

      5.There will come a time when your enemies will even take away from you
      the ashes from your fire, but do not deny your faith, as others may do.

      6.There will come the red caps, and afterwards the English for
      fifty-four years, and then this region will become Romaiko (Greek).
      (This was said in the island of Cephalonia regarding the liberation of
      the Heptanese, also known as the Ionian Islands, which were under
      Venetian occupation. The French soldiers were called "red caps" because
      their headgear was red during the years of Napolean. This prophecy found
      amazing fulfillment. For after the Venetians, the Ionian Islands were
      taken over by the French, and after their departure there came the
      English, whose occupation of them lasted for fifty-four years, that is,
      as many as the Saint had prophesied. The English seized the Heptanese in
      1810- except for Corfu, which surrendered in 1815 to Campbell- and in
      1864 they gave it up to Greece.)

      7.The boundaries of the new nation (Greece after the revolution of 1821)
      will be the river Asos.
      (A prophecy by the Saint in Old Arti)

      49.If three powers are in agreement, you will not suffer anything.

      50.If the matter is solved with a war, you will suffer much destruction.
      Out of three countries, one will remain.

      51.A time will come when you will hear (learn) anything.

      52.Give them whatever they ask. Just save your souls.

      53.If they find silver in the road, they will not bend down to take it.
      But for an ear of wheat, they will kill each other trying to take it first.

      54.The evil will come to you from the learned.
      (It was by the intelligentsia that atheistic, materialistic,
      anti-Christian, soul-corrupting ideas have been introduced into Greece
      from Western Europe.)

      55.It will last for either three days, three months, or three years.

      56.A time will come when there will not be the harmony that exists now
      between the laity and the clergy.

      57.The clergy will become the worst and most impious of all.

      58.In the City (Constantinople) so much blood will be spilled that a
      three-year old calf will swim in it.

      59.Fortunate is he who will leave after the great war. He will eat with
      a silver spoon...

      60.After the great war, the wolf will live with the lamb.

      61.First a false Greek will come. Do not believe him. He will go back.

      62.The warships will gather together in Skaloma and the red-vested will
      come to fight for you.

      63.The Turks will leave, but they shall return and will come as far as
      Hexamilia. In the end, they shall be driven away to Kokkine Melia. Of
      the Turks, one third will be killed, another third will be baptized, and
      the remaining third will go to Kokkine Melia.
      (Kokkine Melia was a region which the imagination of the enslaved Greeks
      placed in the depths of Asia Minor and beyond. It is there that they
      hoped to push back their oppressors, i.e., where they originally came

      64.So many things will happen that mothers will give birth prematurely
      out of their fear.

      65.No animals will remain. You will also go with them. From Joumerka you
      will take their breed again.

      66.Do not make big houses. Make makeshift shacks so that they do not
      come in.
      (A larger house draws more attention, as being a source of loot, booty.)

      67.They will try to enforce a huge and unbearable tax, but they will not
      make it in time.

      68.They will put a tax on chickens and on windows.

      69.They will seek to take you as soldiers, but they will not do so in time.

      70.The Turks will learn the secret three days sooner than the Christians.

      71.When you hear that the war has started from below (the south), then
      it will be near.

      72.If the war starts from below (the south), you will suffer little. If
      it starts from above (the north), you will be destroyed.

      73.The crags and the pits will be full of people.

      74.It will come quickly. And either the ox will be in the field or the
      horse on the threshing floor.

      75.It is sad for me to say it to you: today, tomorrow we will endure
      thirst and great hunger such that we would give thousands of gold coins
      but still will not find a little bread.

      76.After the war, a man will have to run half an hour to find another
      human being to join him in fellowship.
      (The situation prophesied here fits with that anticipated today in the
      case of a nuclear war.)

      77.Do not plant vineyards because they will be ruined like the ones in

      78.There will be a kingdom of paper (red tape) which will have a great
      future in the East.

      79.The world will become so poor that it will clothe itself with tendrils.

      80.The cause will come from Dalmata (Serbia).

      81.France will free many Greek parts, and the Italians will, too.

      82.France will free Greece, and Italy will free Epiros.

      83.Through three narrow passes, Kra, Krapse, and Mouzina, many armies
      will pass to go to the City. It would be good for women and children to
      go out to the mountains. They will ask you if the City (Constantinople)
      is far away. You should not tell the truth, because they will do you
      evil. This army will not reach the City; on its way it will learn that
      the war has ended.

      84.The time will come when the devil will make his turns with his pumpkin.
      (A strange prophecy! Is it about the technical satellites, which like
      pumpkins turn about in space and evoke the astonishment of men, who gape
      before these pumpkins and deify science? By this, we do not wish to
      depreciate the value of scientific discoveries, but we censure the
      arrogance of the contemporary world, which seeks to place the idols of
      the inventions in the place of the True God. In comparison with the
      enormous spheres which the omnipotence of God has created and released,
      in order that they might whirl in the vast space, what are the greatly
      admired technical satellites but small and fragile pumpkins in the
      infinite universe?)

      85.You will see people moving from place to place.

      86.Freedom will come from down there where the rivers empty.

      87.Do not expect destruction from above and from Skales (a specific area).

      88.One loaf will be half lost, and one will be lost entirely.

      89.A time will come when one woman will drive away Turks with a distaff.

      90.You should curse the Pope, because he will be the cause (of the war

      91.The destruction of the place will be done by a general by the

      92.Many villages will be destroyed; the three villages will become one.

      93.Have three doors; if they seize one of them, leave from the other.

      94.If you hide behind the door, you will escape. It will happen quickly.

      95.Entreat that it will be day and not night, summer and not winter.

      96.People will be left poor because they will not have love for the trees.

      97.People will end up naked because they will become lazy.

      98.From up high, from the port the destruction will come.

      99.They will throw you down a lot. They will ask to take it back, but
      they will not be able to.

      100.You will save others, and others will save you.

      101.You will leave by the mountains on the left, not from the right
      side. Do not be afraid of the caves.

      102.It will come suddenly. The horses will be left tied up at their
      chores and you will leave.

      103.It will be the eighth millenium when these things happen.
      (The eighth millenium is where we are now. According to the Scriptures,
      we are at 7,507 years from the beginning of creation, and we have now
      passed the middle of the eighth millenium.)

      104.Hide next to the door or beside the table, if it is sudden and quick.

      105.Many things will happen. The cities will end up like shacks.

      106.A time will come when the cursed demon will come out of his wooden
      bowl (i.e., will be given much freedom).

      107.A false prophet will come once. Do not believe him and do not
      rejoice with him. He will leave and will not come back.

      108.A time will come when the Christians will rise up against each other.

      109.Have a cross on your forehead so that they know that you are Christian.

      110.The army will not reach the City (Constantinople). The news that
      what was always desired will be fulfilled (the City once again becoming

      111.Go and you will be rewarded on the road.
      (This was said in Derbistani about someone who spoke ironically about
      the Saint. Soon afterwards, he was wounded on the road by one of his

      112.Tell those idols not to come here, but to turn back.
      (As the Saint was teaching in Assos of Cephalonia, he interrupted his
      preaching for a moment and sent someone from the audience to the house
      of the governor of the place, to say these words. When he went he found
      four aristocratic women indecently dressed, who were ready to come and
      listen to the Saint's preaching.)

      113.You are building fancy houses, but you will not dwell in them.
      (The Saint said these words in Assos of Cephalonia, when one day he was
      passing buy a new house. Shortly thereafter, all the owners died except
      for one woman.)

      114.This child will make progress, will rule Greece, and will be glorified.
      (This was said of John Koletis. When St. Kosmas received hospitality
      from the wealthy Koletis family, which had a child of about five years
      of age. This child, charming in every respect, sat in the lap of Kosmas
      and fondled his beard. The mother of the child had heard about Kosmas'
      gift of prophecy, and asked hime about the future of her child. Kosmas
      said: "The child will be educated. He will go abroad. He will become a
      famous man. And he will die ruler of Greece." Indeed, the child was
      educated. He went to Europe and became a Physician. He took part in the
      Revolution of 1821. He became Minister, and in 1847, during the reign of
      Otto, he died as Prime Minister of Greece.)

      115.You will become a great man, you will conquer all of Albania, you
      will subjugate Preveza, Parga, Souli, Delvino, Gardiki, and the very
      stronghold of Kurt Pasha. You will leave a great name in the world.
      Also, you will go to Constantinople,...but with a read beard. This is
      the will of Divine Providence. Remember, however, throughout your whole
      reign, to love and defend the Christians, if you want your successors to
      retain their power.
      (This was said at Tepeleni, in present day Albania, to Ali Pasha, and
      found amazing fulfillment after some thirty years. He became the sole,
      powerful ruler of Epiros. In saying the Ali Pasha would go to
      Constantinople but with a "red beard", the Saint meant that Ali Pasha
      would be beheaded and his head with bloody beard would be sent to that
      city. This, too, found fulfillment.)

      116.Things will come out of the schools that your mind does not even

      117.You will see in the field a carriage without horses running faster
      than a rabbit.

      118.A time will come when the earth will be girded by a thread
      (electrical power grid and telephone lines).

      119.A time will come when people will speak from one distant place to
      another, as though they were in adjoining rooms--for example, from
      Constantinople to Russia.

      120.You will see men flying in the sky like starlings, and throwing fire
      on the earth. Those who will live then will run to graves and will cry
      out: "Come out you who are dead so that we the living may enter."
      (These five successive prophecies of St. Kosmas are in books that were
      written about a century before the related inventions were made. Hence,
      they arouse admiration and manifestly testify to the Saint's gift of

      121.The evil will come up to the Cross, and it will not be able to go
      down further. Do not be afraid. Do not leave your houses.
      (This was said in the area of Polyneriou Grebenon. Indeed, in 1940 the
      Italians reached the place called "The Cross" where the Saint had
      preached, and they stopped there.)

      122.When the branch falls (where the Cross is erected), the great evil
      will occur, and it will come from the place the branch points. And when
      the tree falls, a greater evil will occur.
      (This was said in the village Tsiraki in Grebenon. Indeed, in 1940 the
      branch and the Cross fell towards Albania, which is from where the
      Italians attacked, and in 1947 the tree fell when the area was
      completely destroyed by the civil war with the communist guerillas).

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