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  • StephenATL
    You might be interested in the following I sent to my father. I hope it will be of benefit to all on the list: Have you tried the new Netscape 7.1 Internet
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2003
      You might be interested in the following I sent to my father. I hope it
      will be of benefit to all on the list:

      Have you tried the new Netscape 7.1 Internet Browser and Mail?? I
      assure you, that if you try it, you will never go back to Microsoft
      Internet Explorer nor Outlook. I could write a page of
      benefits/advantages it has over MS IE. First of all, it is a software
      bundle package; i.e. an internet browser, an e-mail program (Netscape
      Mail ...... which is FANTASTIC!), a web page/html composer (for
      composing web pages), and an address book . . . all in one program.
      Netscape Mail has two great advantages over Microsoft Outlook or Outlook
      Express, in that most worms and viruses are designed for MS products,
      especially Outlook and effect Outlook easily. In Netscape Mail you can
      turn Java Script on and off (the default is off . . . I keep it off in
      Mail, and on in Navigator, the browser, so I can view web pages
      correctly), so malicious scripts cannot infect your mail . . . and
      Netscape Mail will NEVER automatically open e-mail attachments, as
      Outlook will! I highly recommend downloading it and trying it.
      http://channels.netscape.com/ns/browsers/download.jsp You will never
      go back to MS IE or Outlook. If you prefer, you can order the CD-ROM
      and Instruction/Guidebook for $11.95 (includes shipping and handling).

      I forgot, Netscape Mail
      <http://channels.netscape.com/ns/browsers/mail.jsp> will also allow you
      handle multiple e-mail accounts, so you could have separate
      accounts/addresses if you wanted, or you can have separate
      addresses/accounts for personal and business e-mail. It also has a
      fantastic Junk Mail/SPAM blocker program incorporated into the mail
      program. It is also available in all these languages:
      Japanese <http://wp.netscape.com/ja/download/index.html> | German

      | French <http://www.netscape.fr/telechargement/> | Simplified Chinese
      <http://wp.netscape.com/zh-cn/index.html> | English Canadian
      <http://www.netscape.ca/browsers/7/download/index.jsp> | English UK
      <http://www.netscape.co.uk/download/> | Spanish
      <http://www.aola.com/netscape/download/> | Brazilian Portuguese
      <http://www.aol.com.br/netscape/novo_n7.adp> and you can download
      spell-checkers for 13 different languages. (I can tell you how to get a
      spell-checker for Modern Greek, also.) The Navigator
      <http://channels.netscape.com/ns/browsers/browsing.jsp> browser has a
      great pop-up blocker built into the browser, which you can adjust for
      the few sites where you do want to allow pop-ups, such as your bank's
      web site, etc. One feature I love is that one can make browser text
      larger or smaller (for reading), simply by pressing Ctrl and + or -
      keys, respectively. This cannot be done in any other browser.
      Anyway, try it, you'll like it! IT'S FREE!!!

      Stephanos Upton

      Ephrem Hugh Bensusan wrote:

      >Dear Matushka,
      >I actually did not sent the message in question, and
      >it looks to me like it is probably some form of the
      >SoBig virus that attacks somebody's Outlook Express
      >address book and sends virus infected files out from
      >one contact to another, altering the headers in the
      >This kind of thing is precisely why attachments should
      >be disallowed altogether.
      >In XC,
      >--- "(matushka) Ann Lardas" <matanna@...> wrote:
      >>Dear Ephrem,
      >>In another portion of my life, I administer a Yahoo
      >>They sent out a big mailing explaining that as of
      >>August 21 (new
      >>style!) they wouldn't allow attachements. Attached
      >>documents may be
      >>uploaded as a file for the lists that allow that.
      >>But they were
      >>having too many problems with viruses (viri?).
      >>Accordingly, your attachment did not come through
      >>and nobody knows
      >>the details you tried to send.
      >>You might try another way of posting this
      >>In Christ,
      >>Matushka Ann Lardas
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