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[orthodox-synod] Re: Blanco: What I don't know... what I believe... and what I know with certianty

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  • Deacon John Whiteford
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    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 27, 1999
      --- "Fr. Alexis" <fralexis@...> wrote:
      > Thank you Fr. Vladimir. You make a very important
      > point. This whole mess
      > could easily have been avoided on numerous
      > occassions. Unfortunately, all
      > the posts on this subject up to this point have been
      > completely subjective,
      > based on friendships or the like.

      Obviously no post can be empirical on a subject for
      which there is no empirical evidence. I disagree with
      the characterization that my post "completely

      >We even have
      > clergymen asking ladies to
      > which coven they belong. Lord have mercy!

      If "Mary Powers" is really a Mary Powers, who just
      happened to feel inclined to jump into this list with
      both feet on this topic, then I apologize for doubting
      her identity. But until I am given some proof that
      she is a real person, I am going to have doubt whether
      the post in question is either "Mary Powers" or a
      "Lady". As for my asking which "parish, mosque,
      synagogue, or coven" "she" belongs to, after reading a
      post in which someone was taking such obvious delight
      in something that any Orthodox Christian should be
      weeping over (and the "Sammmy... opps! ...I mean
      "Father Benedict"" comment did not indicate someone
      who was weeping over the matter), I didn't think I
      should take the religious affiliations of the poster
      for granted.

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