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The last fling of a way of life that died with the Tsars

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  • podnoss
    ... wrote: Poverty was widespread in Russia during Nicholas s rule. The average industrial worker in Russia in 1910 earned 233 rubles a
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      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Reader Timothy Tadros"
      <pravoslavney@y...> wrote:
      "Poverty was widespread in Russia during Nicholas's rule. The average
      industrial worker in Russia in 1910 earned 233 rubles a year,
      according to
      Steinberg, and the average farm worker earned 143 rubles a year. To
      that in perspective, a pound of beef cost 9 rubles in 1913. And yet,
      tsar believed that the Russian people, especially Russian peasants,
      devoted to him."

      Your analysis seems to be based on the most basic, uniinformed, left-
      wing history.

      Report issued by an American agent in 1920:

      The millworker in Alimovka expressed the idea of thousands when he
      said that formerly the Russians had a czar, a fool, to rule them,
      [and] taxes were very bad, but bread was five kopeks a pound and
      plentiful, and a man could get all the shirts and shoes and sugar and
      tea and tobacco he wanted. Now Russia was ruled by very clever men,
      [and] there were no taxes at all, but bread was 500 rubles a pound
      and scarce, and neither shirts nor shoes nor tea nor tobacco were to
      be had.

      Somewhere in Russia: July-August 1920
      Hugo W. Koehler
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