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Shocking events in Romania - Commando at Negru Voda Monastery

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  • cononromanul
    NIGHT COMMANDO AT NEGRU VODA MONASTERY Motto: And after the sop Satan entered into him. Then said Jesus unto him, That thou doest, do quickly. (John 13,27)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2003
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      Motto: "And after the sop Satan entered into him. Then said Jesus
      unto him, That thou doest, do quickly." (John 13,27)

      With an old settlement on the lands of Arges (founded by radu Voda
      in 1215), Negru Voda monastery ("Dormition of Theotokos")
      is today a citadel in a citadel: a blessed and true spiritual
      construction in the troubled and noisy middle of the city of
      Campulung Muscel. The 12 dwellers from here lived a quiet life, with
      love for the monastic and Church's rules. The soul and
      the heart of the entire brotherhood was father Vichentie Punguta,
      the one who by many efforts succeded in making Holy
      Fathers' Orthodoxy living and salvating in the souls of the ones who
      enter the monastery's doors.

      All the things were good, almost like in the Paterikon, until a dark
      night of the Bright Week (April 30 - May 4) of the 2003,
      when the troops of DIA (The Department of Anti-terrorist
      Intervention - Romanian Task Force) evacuated the entire brotherhood
      of the monastery. Fathers and novices, tired by late night prayer,
      were taken away like some rabid dogs, and were throwed in
      the Police Trucks who were awaiting hungry at the gates.
      Destination? Unknown.

      In the same night of the judas and of black masks, in the morning,
      arrived the new synod of the old lavra: a small gathering
      of nuns, which until the present day claims vigourously that they
      were here since the beginnings. About the monks, only

      About a week after the incident, some of the brotherhood shows up at
      the Episcopate, discretly integrated in the monastic
      personnel of Curtea de Arges. and about father Vichentie a rumour
      was heard that he is in pilgrimage (read: in exile) in
      America. At our request to know the point of view from episcopate
      officials concerning the nocturnal dissapearance of the
      Negru Voda's brotherhood, we were rejected with the words: "We have
      nothing to declare!"

      Amin! Such things are untolerable, unthinkable, impossible to keep
      under silence! It's obviously an abuse, an obvious
      infringement of the living rights in a orthodox country, but allowed
      by whom? Conspired by whom? Who sits behind the entire
      stage direction, because we know the actors? It could be there the
      dwelling of some terrorist nest who prepared attempts
      against Orthodoxy and which could be annihilated only by super-
      specialized troops? Hard to believe! Why the catholics and the
      protestants don't get same toughness? We don't want to make any
      flimsy statements, but as a coincidence, the descent took
      place about a week after the PROCLAMATION of The Orthodox Movement
      of Monachal Ressurection (MIREM). If the soldiers of
      fortune thought that at Negru Voda is the center of the movement,
      they were profoundly mistaken.

      What causes us great sorrows is the communist-securist operating
      modus, which reminds somehow the sinister year 1959, when
      the monks and the nuns were "legally" thrown out of the monasteries
      by the 410 Decree (be aware, that it wasnt abrogated
      yet!) signed by the red hordes, having the disimulated and
      manipulated approval and support of the hierarchs from then. No,
      we don't want by any means to cast any shadows of doubt against the
      moral probity and the pastoral straightness of the local
      bishop - His Grace Calinic Argeseanul, but the silence of His Grace
      about all these terrorist manifestations speaks for
      itself, or even worse, leaves room for tendentious interpretations.

      The problem we arise is one of conscience: "What will you do, yes,
      everyone who read these lines - monachs or non-monachs -,
      if you were in the position to be declared by the officials just
      like that, missing or even unborned, and be swallowed in the
      prisons of Securitate (State Security) for some suspicions of
      orthodox anti-ecumenist propaganda? To be sentenced for that,
      pursuant to X decree, to prison or be institutionalized in some
      sanitarium for "terrorist activity for destabilization of
      Romania"!" Or what will you do if you'll find out later that
      everybody forgot you, that no one's cares, that everyone fears
      from reprisals and keep the silence, that the ones in charge don't
      care? Or what will you do if your spiritual father will
      disappear over night. The rumour passes the he went to christianize
      the eskimo? Will you stay in peace also? Will you believe
      when they will tell you, irrevocable that "it is not your bussiness,
      there is someone to give answers"? Which question hurts
      you the most?

      As for the faith, the orthodox and Orthodoxy from Romania express
      themselves in a true totalitarian space. At any
      anti-heretical word of us, the "Big Brothers" have prepared
      thousands of baulks, some even in form of a bat. But who's
      affraid of prison, of chains, of confessioning? Our experienced
      Elders have adviced likewise: "Out time has passed, you are
      the ones who have to carry all the way the flame of Orthodoxy. We
      filled the communists prisons, exactly for you, the ones
      who'll come after us, don't go through that hell again. Don't force
      yourselves into useless heroisms. Don't depreciate the
      apostate hierarchs. It is not yet the TIME." But when the fulfill of
      the time will come we will know it for sure, because
      then "wickedness shall haught itself clearly in the sacred places".
      For a monach it's normality to confess the truth without striking
      his breast with the hand; you can help the people without
      creating dissidence, panic and revolt, and without "throwing stones"
      at hierarchs. For contemporary monachism, the
      anninhilation of Negru Voda Monastery's brotherhood is just a cloud
      who announces the storm which is about to come. So, then,
      who is next?

      Signs, hermit Ghimnazie
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