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Re:[orthodox-synod] Re: Fundamental Question

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  • boulia_1
    ... the Church ... avoid ... Actually, Elizabeth was trying to imply that it is the schismatic ROCiE band which has shown a lack of wisdom, humility, and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 8, 2003
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      --- In orthodox-synod@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Nikitin"
      <mikeniki@h...> wrote:
      > Elizabeth is calling the Synod lacking in +wisdom+ and enemies of
      the Church
      > because they did not use the +wisdom+ St.Metr. Philaret used to
      > schism.

      Actually, Elizabeth was trying to imply that it is the schismatic
      ROCiE band which has shown a lack of wisdom, humility, and foresight
      (Indeed, perhaps their schismatic ways play into the hands of their
      hated MP, which, with its recent provocation regarding Western Europe
      (the proposed new Metropolitanate) must see a fragmented emigre
      church as increasingly easy to replace, displace or swallow, piece by
      piece). Elizabeth most certainly did NOT call the Synod, to whom she
      is faithful, anything, much less 'enemies of the church.'

      He further wrote:>
      > The Synod also caused the schism in France by not giving the French
      > more time for a meeting.

      I find this absurd -- the Synod could not 'cause' a schism, any more
      than they could be blamed for the other sins of its flock. If I were
      a teenager who ran away from home because my father had summoned me
      to his chambers to discuss my rebellious behavior and I preferred to
      avoid that unpleasant talk by running away, would my father be at
      fault for MY foolishness? Besides, blaming the European schism on
      a need for 'more time for a meeting' is a lie. The French clergy
      never asked for 'an extension' or a postponement of the meeting -- in
      their letter, they flat out and disrespectfully simply refused to go -
      - that has been demonstrated on this list already, with the
      publication of their shocking response to the summons.

      > The faithful, like Elizabeth, should send petitions to their
      Hierarch's to
      > use +wisdom+ as St.Metr.Philaret did.

      I disagree. The faithful, like me, should (and do) PRAY for their
      hierarchs and trust in the Holy Spirit's guidance, rather then
      proudly trusting in their own weak selves to "know better" than the
      God-blessed Sobor. That would include commemorating the hierarchy
      during divine services, something I believe the French clergy, in all
      their righteousness, refused to do, even though we as Christians are
      entreated to love and pray for our enemies (much less our spirutal

      > Elizabeth is correct, what a catastrophe they caused.

      "They" meaning the people like those in Brussels, France, and
      Mansonville -- who TWIST the meanings of other people's words to fit
      their paranoid, self-serving or just plain corrupt points of view. At
      least I (unlike Metropolitan Philaret, St. Patriarch Tikhon,
      Metropolitan Anthony and Metropolitan Anastassy, and, sadly,
      Metropolitan Vitaly) am still alive and of sound mind and body, and
      am able to clarify my own words and defend the truth. I will not
      stand for having my words manipulated and misinterpreted in support
      of any lunatic fringe schisms.

      In Christ's love,
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