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ARIMATHEA.NET - Orthodox Developers Network

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  • byakimov@csc.com.au
    For your Info only! ... 08:28 AM --------------------------- Alexis Volodin on 04/06/2003 06:38:41 AM To: byakimov@csc.com.au cc:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2003
      For your Info only!

      ---------------------- Forwarded by Basil Yakimov/AUST/CSC on 04/06/2003
      08:28 AM ---------------------------

      Alexis Volodin <manager@...> on 04/06/2003 06:38:41 AM

      To: byakimov@...
      Subject: ARIMATHEA.NET - Orthodox Developers Network


      Dear Father Basil

      Here in St.-Petersburg, Russia, we, professional Orthodox graphic artists
      programmers have united to work together and have created the first
      Orthodox Company in Russia named ARIMATHEA. Our website is here:
      www.arimathea.net - Arimathea Orthodox Developers Network.

      We apply to you and humbly ask your help in two questions:
      We can do any web-related work for your church or Orthodox organization. We
      can create website, redesign your existing website, add some programming
      parts (feedback form, guestbook, forum, chat, counter, subscribe/mailing
      system, etc). We offer maintenance of your website too. Our prices for
      website development, programming and maintenance are standard Russian
      prices for this type of work. However global exchange rates - and the high
      value of the dollar and euro in Russia - mean that our prices are well
      below those found elsewhere for such high-quality work (they are 3-8 times
      lower than in the USA).
      Please write us if you need for any web work - we can do it safely, fast
      and with 3-8 times lower prices.

      We look up for Orthodox partners abroad. If you know people, who works in
      Information Technology domain (i.e. web development, design or programming)
      - please forward them this e-mail. It would be very preferable both for
      them and for us to work together!

      This work and this cooperation are very important for our Team here in
      I, on behalf of all members of ARIMATHEA Team humbly ask your help and
      thank you for your care!

      With Love in Christ
      Alexis Volodin
      President of Arimathea Orthodox Developers Network - www.arimathea.net
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