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Orthodox-Synod Guidelines

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  • rev mark gilstrap
    Periodic posting Some list guidelines adapted from the those found (by Athanasius Thompson) at the Cincinnati Linux Users Group =============================
    Message 1 of 3 , May 23, 2003
      Periodic posting

      Some list guidelines adapted from the those
      found (by Athanasius Thompson) at the
      Cincinnati Linux Users Group


      Keep messages on-topic. This is a group
      centered on issues of interest and benefit
      to the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
      - the "Synod." This list started more
      than ten years ago as the first sub-list of
      ORTHODOX@... , and as such
      has similar guidelines as well as an above
      average diversity of participants.

      Orthodox-Synod, with about 575 members,
      is one of the very largest Orthodox lists on the
      internet. Please use your access responsibly.

      Orthodox-Synod is not a bulletin board for
      posting items for as many people as possible
      to see. Your purpose in contributing should be
      to seek information and explanations etc.. or to
      inform, enrich or edify others, or to seek and
      build orthodox community and mutual understanding,
      connect the isolated, support the struggles of
      others, reflect the love of Christ, support His
      Church and promote the centrality of the Life in
      Christ, not to put something (esp. oneself) on

      "Praise in public; criticize in private." Some
      disagreements are inevitable but take flames
      off-line from the list.

      Post to the LIST (to all members), not to an
      individual. Personal mail should be private mail.
      Proclamations to the LIST about an individual
      are not allowed.

      Speak to the truth of the facts, quality of the
      premises, and logic of the conclusions of the
      other participants, not to their person (ad hominem).
      If you put another person's name in the subject
      line, you have already crossed the line.

      If you must correct factual errors on the list, be
      polite and correct just the facts. Don't attack
      the author - be careful about uses of "you" and
      "your" in such replies, since they can make the
      response appear to be personal.

      Consider whether your message is really worth
      sending to hundreds of people. If it is, don't

      Do not send or attach entire documents to the
      list. Send a URL (web address) where interested
      readers can find it. Or offer to send it to those
      who request it.
      See http://www.makeashorterlink.com/ for help
      reducing the size of long links

      Don't send "me too" messages. One-line replies
      of agreement are wasteful. But feel free to respond
      if you have more to say than simple agreement (or
      disagreement - i.e. zingers).

      Remove most of the words quoted from messages
      to which you reply. Delete all but the most relevant
      text which is necessary to establish the context for
      your reply. Keeping an entire thread intact in every
      message is strongly discouraged. Top posting is not
      discouraged. One should not have to read through
      and entire previous post in order to get to your words.

      **** Do not quote more lines of a message than you
      **** actually write yourself.

      If you didn't write it, or you haven't contributed
      anything to a posting's composition, haven't made
      clear its relevance or defined the context (or have
      violated any other guideline), ask yourself why you
      are thinking of sending it.

      Do not post private email correspondence on the
      lists without the permission of the author of the email.
      Private email is just that -- private.

      Not only does this list prohibit non-consensual posting
      of private mail, it also prohibits the consensual posting
      of private mail as a means for a non-member to participate
      at arms-length through others. Such "proxy posting" has
      been the source of many woes.

      "Proxy Posting" is defined as the remote participation on
      a list (by non-member or member) through the posting
      privilege of a third party who is a member of the list. This
      activity is not allowed.

      Proxy posting can allow avoidance of personal responsibility
      for what one says. In this hair-trigger environment we want
      people to be more, not less, responsible. Religious discussions
      are especially prone to abuse in this realm.

      Think twice before cross-posting messages to the Synod
      list and other forums.

      Keep your e-mail signature short - 5 lines or fewer.
      This includes the -- separator line, allowing for up
      to four lines of content.

      Dense text is especially hard to read on a monitor.
      Remember the printed medium guide:

      "White space increases readership"

      Do not BCC anything to the lists - many people have
      mail filters which sort messages into a separate mailbox,
      based on the address on the message. Failure to put the
      list address in the message headers will mess up the mail
      filing for a lot of poeple.

      Members of the Orthodox-Synod list agree to abide by
      the above guidelines. The list owner reserves the right to
      restrict access to anyone from the email list for

      1.Repeated off-topic postings.
      2.Repeated personal attacks.
      3.Repeated disruptive behavior

      Do not sup at your neighbor's table and ridicule the host.
      Criticism of the decisions of ROCA hierarchs is one thing,
      and can be acceptable, but proclamations of judgement on
      ROCA or her hierarchs regarding such things as falling into
      heresy, or schism, or union with the same coming from those
      who are not members of this juridiction are not proper to
      this forum. One would have thought this last paragraph
      unnecessary ....
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