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  • goossir <irene.goossens@cec.eu.int>
    Prophecy accredited to St. Neilos an ascetic of M. Athos who lived six hundred years ago, tells about coming of Antichrist and the people who will live in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2003
      Prophecy accredited to St. Neilos an ascetic of M. Athos who lived
      six hundred years ago, tells about coming of Antichrist and the
      people who will live in final days Around 1900 the world begins to be
      unrecognisable When the time draws near for the approach of the
      Antichrist, men's mind will be in darkness because of the passions of
      the flesh, and both disrespect and lawlessness will increase. Then we
      will not recognise the world. The appearances of people will change,
      and one will not be able to tell. the difference between men and
      women because of their, shameful way of dressing and their
      hairstyles. People will be deceived by Antichrist, and they will be
      worse than wild beasts. Parents will not be respected, nor will the
      elderly. :~ Love will disappear. Christian leaders, archpriests and
      priests will be vain man {with only few exceptions} totally ignorant
      of what is right and what is wrong and then all the tradition of the
      Church and of the Christian people will change.

      Piety will not exist among men, only licentiousness will prevail.
      Lies and Love of money will increase to the utmost, and woe to those
      who gather wealth. Prostitution, adultery, homosexual sins, thefts
      and murders will be at the highest level. Men will be deprived of the
      grace of the Holy Spirit received in baptism, and will lose the
      remorse of conscience. There will be no pious Leaders of the Church,
      and how sad for those Christians living during this time, who will
      lose their faith completely, for there will be no one to guide them.
      Then they will leave the world to go to holy places to seek spiritual
      comfort for their sorrows, and everywhere there will be difficulties
      and discomforts. And all those things will take place because
      Antichrist will control the whole world, giving false signs to
      deceive everyone. Satan will give such perverted wisdom for the
      invention of things that people will be able to speak to each other
      from one end of the earth to the other. Also men will fly like birds
      in the air and travel under the sea like fish. With these things, men
      will abide in comfort without realising that Antichrist is misleading
      them, making them think that because they have all scientific
      knowledge, they do not need to believe in God the HoIy Trinity At
      that time the all-merciful God, seeing the destruction of the human
      race, will cut time short in order to save the few faithful who
      remain, whom the Antichrist has not managed to mislead. And suddenly
      the two-edged sword will fall, to kill the deceiver and his
      followers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      *** One ascetic elder said about the final times and the Antichrist:
      he has begun his work. The 666 has arrived. They will try everything
      to make all receive the number. These things will take place
      From the book "Holy zeal" by Archbishop Averky
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