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Re: [orthodox-synod] Metropolitan Anastassy re: Head of Russian Church

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  • Michael Nikitin
    This was written in 1948. Right after the war when everyone hoped things would change. Metr.Anastassy always prayed and hoped that things would change in
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 24, 2003
      This was written in 1948. Right after the war when everyone hoped things
      would change. Metr.Anastassy always prayed and hoped that things
      would change in Russia. He wrote the this statement with this in mind.
      During the war Stalin opened Churches. Metr.Anastassy knew this and thought
      things had changed. He did choose his words wisely and the
      Patriarch of Stalin's creation did not respond. The rest is history.

      His successors saw that no change is in the horizan. They saw that
      Metr.Anastassy was right in that the Communists were infiltrating all
      aspects of life everywhere. They serve with heretics and are in the WCC a
      heretical organization.

      Wouldn't one say that Fr.Alexander is beating a dead drum which stopped
      beating after it was obvious that the MP was in heresy and under the
      influence of KGB.

      These things are obvious now as they weren't then.

      If Metr.Laurus would refer the MP as the Russian Church than ROCOR would
      most definetly be in schism. Don't you agree Father?

      After all , after researching more material up to the present time the First
      Hierarch's after Metr.Anastassy changed their opinion. Just as Fr.Alexander

      STATEMENTS, etc.. "http://www.monasterypress.com/statements.html"

      Michael N.

      From: "Fr. Alexander Lebedeff" <lebedeff@...>
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      Subject: [orthodox-synod] Metropolitan Anastassy re: Head of Russian Church
      Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 06:55:28 -0800

      I was just rereading Metropolitan Anastassy's lengthy Epistle, dated
      October 1945, entitled "Epistle to Russian Orthodox People Regarding the
      'Appeal of Patriarch Alexei to the Archpastors and Clergy of the so-called
      Karlovatsk Orientation'" (published in Jordanville in the Jubilee
      collection of the works of Metropolitan Anastassy on the occasion of the
      50th Anniversary of his service as a clergyman, in 1948, pp. 213-228)

      It begins with the words:

      "The new head of the Russian Church Patriarch Alexei, . . ." (p. 213)

      In Russian: "Novyj vozglavitel' Russkoj Tserkvi Patriarkh Aleksij. . ."

      Not the "new head of the Moscow Patriarchate."

      Not the "pseudo-Patriarch of the pseudo-Church calling itself the Russian

      Not the "appointed by Stalin head of the Soviet false Church.'

      But--simply the "head of the Russian Church Patriarch Alexei."

      Was this a typo?

      A simple oversight?

      Did Metropolitan Anastassy simply misspeak? (Or miswrite?)


      In the same Epistle, on page 221, we read:

      "Because the current head of the Russian Church follows the example. . ."

      In Russian: "Poskol'ku nyneshnij glava Russkoj Tserkvi podrazahet primeru. .

      On page 225, again, speaking about Patriarch Alexei:

      "The dependence of the new head of the Russian Church. . ."

      "Zavisimost' novago vozglavitelya Russkoj Tserkvi. . ."

      and, later on the same page:

      ". . .between the Bishops [of the Church] Abroad and the current head of
      the Russian Church. . ."

      ". . .mezhdu Zarubezhnymi episkopami i nyneshnim glavoju Russkoj Tserkvi. .

      Now, just a comment.

      Everyone knows that Metropolitan Anastassy was extremely wise,
      intelligent,literate and very delibrate and careful in his choice of words
      and expressions.

      Yet he carefully and deliberately used the term "Head of the Russian
      Church" with regards to Patriarch Alexei--not once, but many times.

      This is also consistent with the wording of his Epistle to the American
      Flock in 1945, and the Conciliar Wpistle of the Sobor of Bishops of the
      Church Abroad in Munich in 1946.

      In every case, the words: Head (glava or vozglavitel'), or Helmsman
      (kormchij) are used, with no derogatory descriptive words added, such as
      "lzhe-patriarkh" (pseudo-patriarch) or pseudo- or false-Church. In fact,
      the term "Moscow Patriarchate" is avoided, and the Church headed by
      Patriarch Alexei is called simply "the Russian Church."

      For those who try to insist that a change in the fundamental positions ofthe
      Church Abroad has taken place since the Sobor of 2000, or that Fr.
      Alexander or Fr. John are "rewriting the history of the Church Abroad"-- I
      suggest that they think about how Metropolitan Anastassy referred to
      Patriarch Alexei and the Moscow Patriarchate in official Epistles in

      Actually, times **have** changed.

      Metropolitan Laurus and the Bishops of the Church Abroad, unlike
      Metropolitan Anastassy, do **not** refer to the Moscow Patriarchate simply
      as "the Russian Church"--and do **not** refer to the current Partiarch of
      Moscow simply as "the head of the Russian Church."

      In fact, any bishop who would so state would probably be subject to censure.

      Something to ponder.

      With love in Christ,

      Prot. Alexander Lebedeff

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