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[orthodox-synod] Re: Joseph Smith {was: a myth...Chinese ships}

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  • Ephrem Hugh Bensusan
    Interestingly, Joseph Smith made both claims. He originally told the Peepstone Story, but as time progressed he came to think it would be better if he had
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 1999
      Interestingly, Joseph Smith made both claims. He originally told the
      Peepstone Story, but as time progressed he came to think it would be better
      if he had used mystical spectacles given to him as a divine gift.

      According to affadavits from witnesses to the original "translation" he
      simply used the peepstone in a hat--the golden plates being nowhere in site.
      He would stick his face in the hat with the stone, and then, according to
      David Whitmer (I believe--it's been quite a while), one of his "Apostles,"
      "in the darkness the spiritual light would shine," and Joseph was directed
      letter by letter with the translation.

      Which means that the God of the Mormons has a rather poor mastery of
      English. Or at least one would assume so after seeig a first edition of the
      Book of Mormon.

      Ephrem Hugh Bensusan
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      > > Peter,
      > >
      > > I recently read about a famous Chinese admiral whose ships plied the
      > >
      > > Maybe I should not read so much? Or, at least I shouldn't read such
      > > diverse things.
      >*** Fr Andrew, you are one of those compulsive readers who
      >could no more stop reading everything within eyeshot
      >than you could stop drinking water.
      > It is difficult to remember where one found those things.
      > > (those persons) were here, before Columbus.
      > >
      > > The one thing we know for certain is: The Book of Mormon is a 19th
      > > novel. However many Jews came to this hemisphere, they had nothing to
      > > with the alleged golden tablets, which Joseph Smith said he translated
      > > looking at them through a stone.
      >*** Actually, according to one Mormon friend, (and I've had
      >three, actually) Joseph Smith read the 'alleged Golden Tablets'
      >through mystical spectacles called the Urim and Thummim.
      >But eventually he lost them, and could no longer read the
      >Golden Tablets. So I was told by Mormon Bishop. Now if you
      >want to go find your own Mormon Bishop, check him out
      >against what I just told you, and then we can compare notes!
      > >
      > > There are myths and then there are outright lies! Joseph Smith was
      > > convicted of fraud, by reason of claiming to be able to look through a
      > > Sounds familiar to me.
      >*** Well, the first guy never stands a chance. I've known
      >Orthodox monks who claim to speak with the Mother of God
      >every day about the Church. Now, where do we go with this
      >subthread? Delete, you say? Probably a good idea.
      > >
      > > Father Andrew
      >Joseph Miller
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