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[orthodox-synod] Cornwell's article in Vanity Fair

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  • LJames6034@aol.com
    Here s a thing that might interest some of you: I have now read (and re-read parts of )John Cornwell s article Hitler s Pope, in the Sept. issue of Vanity
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 1999
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      Here's a thing that might interest some of you:

      I have now read (and re-read parts of )John Cornwell's article "Hitler's
      Pope," in the Sept. issue of Vanity Fair. I am not at all certain the
      article is "fair," pun intended.

      Let me put it this way: In 1910, French scholars in Beijing, were lecturing
      on the French Revolution. They declared it to be the most important event in
      modern history.

      Mandarins replied: "What you say may be true. However, we are living too
      close to the event to know that."

      It is difficult to know what Pope Pius XII knew and did not know. Or, put
      another way: Even Jews, hearing the horror, could not believe it.

      Moreover, according to Lenni Brenner, in his book Zionism in the Age of the
      Dictators, Zionists in Palestine sent to the German ambassador in Turkey a
      telegram, which Lenni (and I knew Lenni) claimed he found in British
      possession, following WWII.

      In that telegram, the Zionists asked the Nazis for military assistance in
      subduing Palestine. In exchange for that, the Zionists were willing to
      establish the Hitlerian New Order, in the Middle East.

      I have no trouble believing Pope Pius XII was vaguely anti-Semitic. After
      all, the old Roman Rite at Good Friday would ask: "Let us pray for the
      faithless Jews."

      In his day, Jews were roundly condemned as Deicides.

      Moreover, if Pius believed Jews were behind the communist take over in
      Russia, he was right. Ten of the original 12 members of the first Politburo
      were Jews. That's just a fact.

      Therefore, if as the article says: "Pacelli's contempt of Judaism was based
      on his belief that the Jews ere behind the Bolshevik plot to destroy
      Christendom." it is hard to deny the obvious.

      It is what one does with facts that may or may not be persuasive.

      I am not persuaded by Cornwell's article that Pius XII was a "hypocrite."

      Look at this word picture painted by material extracted from Cornwell's
      article. It intends to encapsulate the article, I think.

      "Long-buried Vatican files reveal a new and shocking indictment of Wold War
      II's Pope Pius XII: That in pursuit of absolute power he helped Adolf Hitler
      destroy German Catholic political opposition, betrayed the Jews of Europe and
      sealed a deeply cynical pact with a 20th cerntury devil."

      The last time I was in the crypt of St. Peter's in Rome, masses of people
      were praying at the tomb of Pope John XXIV (there was a 23rd, at Avignon);
      no one was at the tomb of Pius XII.

      Everything has moved on apace. Pius is passe. The reforms of his jolly
      successor, which have made a wreck of the Roman Church, are everywere in

      We are still living too close to the events, to know whether what Cornwell
      has written is anything more than a turn-coat opportunist's attempt to make a
      little money by besmirching the reputation of a better man than he.

      Pacelli could not rise above his training, his class (he was a prince, after
      all), or the prejudices of his day. He was caught up in the Zeitgeist. It
      could not be otherwise, I think.

      Father Andrew
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