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Study outline of the Divine Liturgy

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    In connection with someone s request for assistance, I extracted the following, fairly detailed, set of outline headings for the Divine Liturgy of St. John
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2002
      In connection with someone's request for assistance, I extracted the
      following, fairly detailed, set of outline headings for the Divine
      Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, from the book "Liturgies Eastern and
      Western", 1878 edition, by the Clarendon Press, Oxford.

      I thought these numbered-and-lettered headings might be useful to
      facilitate questions on any specific [numbered] point:

      "Liturgia Constantinopolitana":
      According to the norms accepted today.

      1. Preparation in the Vestry.
      2. Prayers at the Vesting. Washing of Hands.
      3. In the Prothesis. Prayer of Oblation.
      4. Censing of the Sanctuary.

      Liturgy of the Catechumens. I. [Enarxis].
      Deacon’s Litany.
      The Introit (Antiphons).
      a) Prayer of the 1st Anthem.
      b) Prayer of the 2nd.
      c) Prayer of the 3rd.

      II-a. The Little Entrance.
      b) Prayer of the Entrance.
      c) Blessing of the Entrance.
      d) Kissing of the Gospel book. “Wisdom, let us attend!”.
      e) Setting down of Gospel, blessing of the servers, kissing of the
      f) Exclamation before the Trisagion.
      g) Deacon: “O Lord, bless the devout”.
      h) Prayer of the Trisagion (in practice, anticipated during the singing
      of the Troparia).
      k) Going to the High Place.
      l) Blessing of the High Place.

      III. The Lections. Prokeimenon, Epistle, Alleluia, and censing.
      a) Prayer before the Gospel.
      b) Deacon’s petition for blessing.
      c) Blessing of Deacon to read the Gospel.
      d) Gospel procession.
      e) The Gospel.

      IV.a) General Intercession: “Let us all say...”.
      b) Prayer of Fervent Intercession.
      c) Petitions (some variable).
      d) Exclamation.

      V. Litany of the Catechumens.
      a) Spreading of the Corporal (Antimension).
      b) Signing of the Corporal with the Sponge.
      c) Dismissal of the Catechumens.

      Liturgy of the Faithful.
      VI. a) 1st Prayer of the Faithful.
      b) 2nd Prayer of the Faithful.

      VII. The Offertory. Cherubic Hymn.
      a) Prayer of the Cherubic Hymn.
      b) Incense and Preparation.
      c) The Great Entrance.
      d) Commemorations.
      e) Placing of the Gifts on the Altar.
      f) “The noble Joseph...”
      g) “In the grave bodily..”
      h) “How life-giving, how more fair than Paradise...”
      i) Censing of the Gifts
      l) Giving back the Censer
      m) Dialogue with the Deacon
      n) Deacon goes to Ambon
      o) Litany
      p) Prayer of the Offertory: “O Lord God Almighty...”
      q) Petitions “A day all-perfect...”
      r) Exclamation: “Through the bounties...”

      VIII. Kiss of Peace.

      IX. The Creed. Removal of the Veil.

      The Anaphora.
      X. Benediction.
      a) Sursum corda.
      b) Preface.

      XI. Triumphal Hymn: Sanctus.

      XII. a) Recital of the Work of Redemption.
      b) “Take, eat...”
      c) The Deacon or Priest points to the Gifts.
      d) “In like manner...”
      e) “Drink ye all...”

      XIII. a) “Bearing in remembrance...”
      b) “Thine own of Thine own...”
      c) Choir: We praise Thee, we bless Thee...”

      XIV. a) The Invocation. “Again we offer unto Thee...”
      b) “O Lord who at the Third Hour...”
      c) Epiclesis: blessing over the Bread.
      d) Blessing over the Chalice.
      e) Blessing over Both.
      f) “That to those who partake thereof they may be...”

      XV. Great Intercession.
      a) “And again we offer unto Thee...”
      b) The Deacon censes the Altar. Hymn to the Theotokos.
      c) Diptychs of the Departed.
      d) Commemoration of Those in Authority.
      e) Commemoration of the Hierarchy.
      f) Diptychs of the Living.
      g) Blessing: “And may the mercies of our great God and Saviour...”
      h) Deacon’s Litany before the Lord’s Prayer.
      k) Prayer “Unto Thee do we commit...”
      l) Petitions “A day all-perfect...”
      m) The Lord’s Prayer

      XVI. Prayers of Humble Access.
      a) Blessing, Prayer of Bowed Heads.
      b) Prayer before the Fraction.
      c) “O God, be merciful to me a sinner (3)”.

      XVII. a) Elevation: “Holy things are for the holy”.
      b) “One is Holy...”
      c) Deacon enters Sanctuary, bids Priest to make Fraction.
      d) Fraction.
      e) Deacon bids Blessing of the Zeon (Hot Water).
      f) Blessing of the Zeon:“Blessed is the fervor...”
      g) Deacon bids Priest to Commingle.
      h) “The warmth of faith...”
      k) Infusion of Zeon, crosswise, into Chalice.

      XVIII. Communion
      a) of the Celebrant and Clergy.
      b) of the People.

      XIX. Post-Communion.
      a) Litany, Prayer of Thanksgiving
      b) “Let us depart in peace”
      c) Ambon Prayer.

      XX. a) Prayer “Thou who art the fulfillment of the Law and the
      b) “Blessed be the name of the Lord...”
      c) Benediction
      d) Dismissal
      e) Private Thanksgiving Prayers.
      f) Tropar of St. John Chrysostom.
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