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Re: [orthodox-rocor] Learning Russian..........

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  • Fr. John R. Shaw
    ... to ... that ... grammar ... etc. The book from which I got my first foundation in Russian was Anna H. Semeonoff s A New Russian Grammar , first printed in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2002
      > I am looking for the BEST, very comprehensive introductory textbook
      > the Russian language now available. I am looking for a textbook
      > explains the grammar very thoroughly, has excellent reading and
      > exercises, etc. I am also looking for the BEST Russian language
      > CD-ROM that would help me with pronunciation, grammar exercises,

      The book from which I got my first foundation in Russian was Anna H.
      Semeonoff's "A New Russian Grammar", first printed in 1934 by E. P.
      Dutton & Co. Inc., in New York, and reprinted many times since. This
      book gives a very clear and thorough introduction to the grammar and
      the most important vocabulary. The book consists of two parts in one
      volume, and a third, "Russian Syntax" in a separate volume. There is
      also a reader to accompany the grammar. The series may now be OUP, but
      probably copies are not too hard to find.

      There are of course a great number of introductory and intermediate
      Russian textbooks now available, and one has only to go into a large
      bookstore, such as Barnes & Noble's, to look at what there is. Since
      language is so many-faceted, it probably would help you to work with
      several books and several approaches -- so I would not worry too much
      about finding the "best single book"! If you do not have a general
      textbook now, *any* textbook will take you further along the way to
      mastering Russian.

      Much the same can be said for recordings.

      In Christ
      Fr. John R. Shaw
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