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HOCNiE etc.

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  • Father Dmitry
    Oct.22nd (Orth. cal.) + St. Abercius Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and, especially, you, . ..the souls who have departed the Church, Please,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2002
      Oct.22nd (Orth. cal.) <6th hour> + St. Abercius

      Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, and, especially, you, . ..the
      souls who have departed the Church,

      Please, stop the whining and feeling injured. Keep in mind, it
      is you and your like-minded brothers, who are joining in on a
      Synod list, clearly defined as for "members and friends of..."
      Forgive me, somehow I lost the thread of just WHO charged
      WHAT in the exchanges. The Charges of high crimes,
      misdemeanors and heretical stewardship against ROCOR'S
      hierarchs, are severe, but vague and , apparently, based on your
      own divinations and dire predictions. I'll make bold one dire
      prediction concerning your group(s), YOUR SCHISM WILL END
      IN SCANDAL AND SHAME, . . . very soon.
      Furthermore, I'll stop lamenting the "schism". I call ROCiE,
      "HOCNiE (v)" because it suggests just where the hearts and
      minds of the new groups were formed. But what does that little
      "vee" stand for? Is it a boast or confession that they've split the
      Church into, at least, five new splinter groups? Perhaps it's an
      inversion of the Russian letter "L" (Lavra), whom they know they
      should be under, if their pride would allow them to repent.
      Plainly said, there is a "high correlation" of past (God forbid
      future) ties with the HOCNA (Boston/Panteleimonites) group.
      Personally, I lament that we ever had any dealings with them, as
      they stained our Russian Church's otherwise pure and virtuous
      reputation. Since that time, I'll have to admit, we've been much
      weakened and injured.
      It's very painful to see that much of the vitriol of the first weeks
      continues. Are the blue hues of our Synod web-site a problem?
      Note: Blue is the correlative color of a Russian Orthodox
      Metropolitan. One Gospodin Sprukstzts (sp?), at the outset of
      the schism engaged in such unpleasant vitriol, that I remember
      feeling my stomach turn at his attacks and mockery of our dear
      Metropolitan. I attended seminary with some of these fellows,
      and I am familiar with a few of the key figures in HOCiE. Even 5
      or 6 years ago, some of these individuals were at Jordanville
      beginning their campaign of "AGITATORSTVO"; defining,
      declaring,passing out papers under dormitory doors, classifying
      and slandering, searching for "zhidomasoni'" (Jewmasons) and
      "Skrytiyekumenisti' (veiled ecumenists). Did you find them? Am I
      one of them? . . . to ridiculous extremes of hiding microphones
      under your cassocks, . . .to catch someone, anyone guilty of
      "revealing his "ecumenism" or heretical inclinations; one, an
      Athonite Great-Schema Hieromonk and Old-Ritualist, another an
      Archimandrite and former cell-attendant to St. John (each of
      them now serve, obediently and diligently, in the Holy Land and
      finally, [then] Archbishop Lavra, who was maligned, and
      accused, and derided. Enough. I am not searching for villains,
      for I may be, indeed, the most villainous of all. Certainly the most
      Rather, . . .rather repent, please, and submit yourselves to the
      faithful, true and loving and Concilliar Holy hierarchs of the
      Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. Contrast the
      sobriety, love, simplicity, and steadfastness of our Chief
      Hierarch, Metropolitan Lavra, to your own "Synod[s]".
      I await your fierce attack, . . . and attack you will, it's inevitable.
      Welcome to the SYNOD list boys. Sorry, I can't respond
      promptly, I've Divine Services to fulfill, diapers to Change,
      wooden gates to start sanding, and Brio, don't forget Brio.

      in Christ,

      sinful, unworthy
      priest Dmitry Wieber ( " . . .it takes one to know one, and, yes, I,
      apparently, have some jewish blood ")
      St. Juliana of Lazarevo Russian Orthodox Church
      Santa Fe, New ("it's in the United States, folks") Mexico
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