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[orthodox-synod] Kosovo & Metohija In The Focus: September 8th

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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 1999
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      RELEASE, 08. 09. 1999.
      Kosovo & Metohija In The Focus
      - In Gnjilane Region New Mass Grave Of Serbs -
      - Trajkovic Said, KFOR And UNMIK Creating Albanian State In Kosovo -
      - KFOR Will Double Guard Around The Patriarchate Of Pec Monastery, Even Saying The Monastery Was Not Attacked On Saturday -
      - Serbs In Orahovac Are Starving -

      GNJILANE, September 8. - The Church- People Council from Gnjilane stated last evening that the new mass grave of Serbs was found in that town in Kosovo and Metohija.
      The wife of killed engineer Mirko Jovic, Mrs. Miholjka Jovic, informed the Church-People Council that KFOR solders showed her a place in Gnjilane area Ceman Cesma where 15 Serbs are buried. They were presenting her 15 photos with people buried there, but her husband was not among them.
              It is yet unknown when KFOR discovered this mass grave. In previous case in the Gnjilane region the KFOR were hiding existence of the mass grave of Serbs in village Ugljare more then a month. As the Belgrade daily "Blic" informed yesterday, the high U.S. Army officer, that had informed families of killed Serbs about Ugljare mass grave (and stated to them about another one in the area with about 50 bodies), was sent to the Army court for giving that information.
              At same time mass grave that SYPS had reported about on September 1. in Zlas village near Pristina with about 40 people buried are still neither confirmed nor denied.

      BELGRADE, September 8. - Momcilo Trajkovic, president of the Serbian Democratic Movement and member of the Church-People Council of Kosovo and Metohija accused KFOR and UN mission of creating an Albanian state in that province of Serbia by adopting new official currency, establishing customs service and the "most extreme method" - creating Albanian national guard. Yesterday Trajkovic said for Belgrade daily "Blic" that British KFOR failed to secure an escort to Kosovska Mitrovica for Bishop Artemije and him. Because of that they asked for UNMIK chief Bernard Kushner's ousting. French KFOR troops refused to provide an escort for the ecclesiastical meeting in Gracanica Sunday, Trajkovic added. Serbian representatives in the Transitional Council of Kosovo and Metohija were not escorted last week to the meeting of that body organized by the UN administration in the province, what KFOR explained as mistake.

      BELGRADE, September 8. - UN mission announced that it should soon begin issuing ID cards and passports to the all inhabitants of Kosovo and Metohija, Belgrade daily newspaper "Vecernje novosti" reports.

      PEC, September 8. - Additional KFOR troops, which are to protect the Patriarchate of Pec from more and more frequent attacks by Albanian separatists and terrorist gangs, arrived to Pec, reported Fr. David from the Patriarchate to the Church run "Svetigora" radio station, adding that Serbs in KFOR escort have nailed several Albanians in nearby village Zvrke while destroying valuable church writings and books.
              Monastery and the ancient seat of the Serbian Patriarchate near city of Pec have been attacked twice in last 10 days by ethnic Albanian's fire from the granade launcher. The captain of the KFOR guard, that is on the duty 24 hours per day, stated that the last attack was not targeted on the monastery, though distractions on monastery walls, honeycombs and residential buildings, where nuns lives, saying differently about ethnic Albanian intentions.
              The whole situation looks as the early '80s attacks on the Patriarchate of Pec monastery, when ethnic Albanians had tried to burn this 13th century Serbian sanctuary. Authorities, controlled by the local ethnic Albanians Communist structure, had never discovered who started fire that destroyed residential buildings and library, but were free to be suspicious even on nuns.

      PRISTINA, September 8. - According to the reports from Peace and Tolerance Center from Pristina, Serbs' situation in Orahovac area is more and more difficult - normal school activities have not begun yet; due to the lack of medicines and medical personnel, even deliverances are done without adequate medical oversight; humanitarian aid in food and sanitary issues was conveyed yesterday, after 10-days lasting efforts, because Albanians set their check point on the Suva Reka - Orahovac road, with large number of parked cars, tractors and trucks, loaded with blockheads, as well as the tent settlement populated mostly by uniformed KLA members.

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